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Work-Life Balance

12 Jan, 2020

Work-Life Balance

People are struggling to maintain balance between life and work. Work can help us to sustain our life and fulfill the basic necessities but at deeper level, we must enjoy happiness, freedom, and abundant inner balance. The true meaning of life is to learn, grow, and evolve to infinite possibilities and it can be accomplished when we balance spiritualism and materialism. We can get peace and happiness when look within and move inside to discover who we really are. We can still have wealth and enjoy a luxurious life but never get attached with it. Use the money for utilities to pay your bills, food, etc. but put total time and energy for understanding the deeper meaning of life and then our lives can be blissful and we can expand our life in all directions because there are always limitless possibilities.

In order to live happy, healthy and more productive life, we must do meditation early in the morning before we go to any kind of work for at least 10 minutes (Time management skills) because it brings peace and raise our productivity level at work place as well. Benefits of work-life balance We can go for a morning walk or walk in nature and especially in weekends. We can go to park and tourist place such as Banff etc. where we can recharge our battery. It means we can release old energy and get fresh powerful energy from nature because there is too much negative ion found in the nature and we inhale more oxygenated air as well and when we take fresh oxygenate air it dissolves all kinds of useless and unwanted thoughts into powerful and wonderful thoughts. It brings deep relaxation and rejuvenation. You can witness that all kinds of negative emotion which we had before, it get dissolved and now we are different human being. There is no more stress, anger etc. and you are at peace and happiness and finally when you go to work you can raise the productivity level.

You get much enthusiasm and passion and do work with positive mental attitude because you regain energy level and it adds more value to work. We can socialise and interact with family members, friends etc. We can go for picnic, holiday, vacation etc. from time to time and have fun in order to change our mood. Many people are working from morning till evening every day without taking break. They are completely burnout and no more positive energy is left behind and they are not able to maintain work life balance. We can separate the professional and personal life. After work, we can pay attention to our family members as well. Flexible hours for employee are on the top priority because it enhances their self- esteem. Sometime employee need doctor’s appointment etc.

Now, it is time of technology and if possible let the employees to work from house by message, chat, video conferencing. There can be health and wellness programme and lunch and learn at work place and regular subsidized exercise, classes, workshop etc. for personal development and learning opportunities.

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