Emotional Intelligence

Nepali Pathshala

Emotional Intelligence

(Are you wanting to manage and control your emotions for positive and stronger relationships?)

Learn about emotional intelligence through meditation practice. It is about coordinating and managing our emotions without any reaction. Meditation can help you to create a space or gap between two thoughts, words, or actions that can help you to pay attention, slow down and watch your thoughts. Then you can easily disconnect from negative emotions. It will also help you to accept and forgive others by practicing empathy.

During this program, we educate you about deep conscious breathing which allows you to inhale maximum oxygenated air, you create a pause or a break and allow for deep relaxation to arise. Developing your ability to identify your emotions first, opens the opportunity to learn to react less and respond more. We also help you to connect with positive emotions such as gratitude and happiness. Notice that when you are happy and live in peace, you always communicate better and share your happiness with family, friends, kids, etc. and also your productivity goes up. On the other hand, when you are not happy and live in anger, hate, etc. it decreases your productivity.

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