The Power Of Subconscious Mind & Creative Visualization

Nepali Pathshala

The Power Of Subconscious Mind & Creative Visualization

Whatever we can conceive & believe, it can be achieved.

During this program, we teach you how to reprogram your subconscious mind with the help of meditation practice. Your subconscious mind is always active during the sleep and dream state, and it is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind. Another part of this program helps you to attract whatever you want. Maybe a beautiful life partner, money, career, etc. Whenever you feed your subconscious mind with any kind of thought and repeat it over and over again, it finally manifests. Each thought has an energy and frequency which goes out to the Universe and brings similar things into our life, because like attracts like and thoughts are things. When you believe, you can achieve it.  

 The last part of our program is about the creative visualization process. We teach you how to create a clear mental image of what you want and believe and act as if you have already achieved your goal. Repetition of the same thoughts over and over again can create a self-connection and finally you can ask for guidance from the Universe to make it happen. One hundred percent it will manifest. Never create doubt or confusion at all. Remember, you have to take action as well. Persistence, perseverance, and patience are the key.


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