Introduction to Mindfulness and Self Love

Grounding Meditation for raising our Productivity

Transcend Stress with Nature Meditation Practice

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Practice Mindfulness with Animal

Learn the art of Unconditional Love from dog. The more you share and give the love with any human being or animal the more you get in return, in the form of kindness and compassion without expectation. Animal can keep you in the present moment awareness in order to raise your frequency, energy, and vibration. It absorbs our negativity and radiate powerful calm and relax energy. 

Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar is a Mindfulness Practitioner and Acclaimed Author of “Practicing The Power of Present Moment”.

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Practice the gap or pause to reduce stress

We can become aware of a gap between breathing in and breathing out. The more we increase the gap the deeper we create an awareness of living fully in the present moment. This enables us to be aware of space between two thoughts, words, & actions.

Letting go and be Present

We are holding back and struggling with thoughts of stress, anxiety etc. in the form of overthinking. Breathing meditation is very helpful tool to let go of thought of worry, anxiety etc. in order to live with the present moment awareness.

Meditation for depression and Anxiety

Slow, relax, and deep breathing exercise can help us to get rid of useless thoughts of anxiety or worry. Deep connection with nature is needed to recharge, rejuvenate, and relax our mind. Bring the focus on the awareness of breath.

What People Say About Sanjeev Kumar

Bevan Bird

bevan bird cmrc

It is a great experience to work with Sanjeev Kumar. It’s wonderful to be with him. My energy gets uplifted and I feel lighter while talking with him. The things that I’m learning from him are very, very valuable. It’s helping me to focus on higher priorities, which helps my business grow! I have learned to be in the present moment more and why this is important. This is helping me release stress, anger, worry, fear, jealousy and lust so my productivity is better. I’m getting better ideas, which are very valuable to me as a creative entrepreneur.


I’m implementing what I learned from Sanjeev into the daily practice of my business. Taking breaks, getting out into nature, being mindful and breathing while being aware of the breath is very important. It’s making a difference because I feel more peaceful and I’m aware of my thoughts and I can release them instead of fighting with things that I judge as negative.

Bevan Bird
The Soul 2 Soul Connector Founder of Soul 2 Soul Connections (Canada)

Dr Yomi Garnett

dr yomi cmrc

Sanjeev Kumar is a teacher in the truest sense of the word. Blessed with uncommon insight into, and an uncanny understanding of the deeper issues of life, this ‘Prophet of Truth’ utters words that have tremendous potential to heal the soul. Each time I had the privilege of interacting with him on our Video talk show, I remained simply awed by the simplicity with which he shares his wisdom on how can we can eliminate stress and anger by simply recharging our battery through a deep connection with nature.

Additionally, I found quite valuable his teaching on how to feel the sensation of awareness of one’s breath at the top of the nostril, while breathing in, and breathing out. I was particularly entranced by his words on “Power of Love.” Only love can heal us, and heal others in the process. I sincerely commend the teaching of this ‘master of mindfulness’ to anyone on the genuine Path of Enlightenment.

Dr. Yomi Garnett
Chancellor at Royal Biographical Institute & Author (America)

Dr David

dr david cmrc

In the nearly countless communications I had and have with Sanjeev Kumar, I always take a lot of powerful inspiration with me. It is rare, very rare these times that people walk their talks. The moment you meet Sanjeev, you know that one of these gems is here for you.

He is THE expert when it comes to any topic related to mindfulness and creating a stress-free life. Always coming from a high frame of unconditional love and respect, Sanjeev and his nourishing advice uplift and inspire profoundly.

If you are a CEO of a company I seriously recommend meeting him and explore how he can increase the productivity, focus, and mindfulness of your employees.  I am utterly sure that he also will add happiness to your life as the company leader based on the fact that a company can only be as great as their leader.

Dr. David John W. St Clair, Spiritual Scientist,
Author, NLP trainer, Hypnotherapist (Germany)

Christine Fehr

christine cmrc

I have worked with Sanjeev Kumar in the last few years. He is very passionate in helping others live fuller lives. Sanjeev practice has not only impacted my life but everyone else he meets.

I highly recommend Sanjeev Kumar for your mindful practice needs. He has many great programs and seminars that he offers all with a ton of value.

Thank you Sanjeev, for your love, light and support.

Christine Fehr
Health & Wellness Coach (Canada)

Germaine Louse

germaine cmrc

In the time I’ve known Sanjeev it’s been a wonderful journey. He is very unique in his teachings around mindfulness and exudes such a calm and peaceful energy, he makes it very easy to collaborate with. I wish Sanjeev all the best in spreading his message to others, his constant commitment to his practices makes him a very rare source. Any lessons he has to give are well worth learning.

Germaine Louse
Empowerment Coach and Author of “30 Days to Bring You Back” (Canada)

Giselle C

giselle cmrc

I have got priceless benefits from Sanjeev Kumar’s courses and teachings. I had been an English teacher for almost five years and at some point of my life became so out of place, I had taken so little care about my health and emotions that I just saw myself immerse into so many negative feelings; stress, depression, anger etc. Now it’s been a couple of years I have been learning on Sanjeev Kumar’s principles and lessons for the transformation in my life to happen. I am so grateful that there exist people such as Sanjeev whose main purpose is helping others to get a better life free from those situations and emotions. Totally recommend his teachings and I would not doubt it for a second to ask his help again if I needed it. Thank you so much!

Giselle C
English Teacher (Canada)

Luci McMonagle

luci cmrc

I have had a blissful experience with Sanjeev Kumar when I interviewed him on Wealthy Wednesday Show on my TV.

His wisdom is overflowing and very profound. I have attended his workshop in Canada which was life-transforming and greatly impacted my life. I strongly recommend others to learn more about Mindfulness, Spirituality etc. from him.

Luci McMonagle
The Mystic Wealth Creator & Best-Selling Author (America)

Samaria Nancy Cardinal

samaria cmrc

Not many practice what they preach. Anyone can get a certification to practice and teach something. However, for a teacher to really live it is another story. Sanjeev lives what he teaches.

He is a highly spiritual and devoted man on a mission. That mission is to help his fellow man become more than what they are. His teachings are priceless. They come from his heart are the result of a lifetime of wisdom. He is a meditation teacher. He is a life teacher. He is a spiritual teacher. But most of all he is a teacher from his heart.

Samaria Nancy Cardinal
Samaria's Mystical Group Spiritual Priestess and healer (Canada)

Shera Motherwell FARRELL

sherra cmrc

Sanjeev Kumar, author of ‘Practicing The Power Of Present Moment’ works at a soul level teaching meditation to many to reach inner peace within and develop greater consciousness.
Sanjeev has spent many years to attain spiritual enlightenment with greater depth and understanding. He is a master in his field and when the master appears, miracles are created!

Today with our changing and stressful world, we need to go to a place to know how to fill our soul with enlightenment and attain direction.

I do recommend Sanjeev’s teachings and his work empowers many in daily life, health, and relationships.

Shera Motherwell FARRELL
Intuitive Soul Solutions & Sound Healer Channel (Canada)

Our Story
Canadian Mindfulness Research Center

Canadian Mindfulness Research Center was founded by Sanjeev Kumar in 2011. It was his deep curiosity to know about truth since childhood in order to understand who we really are, what is the true purpose of our life, why we are here, and how can we align with the frequency of the Universe? It did not manifest as long as he was in India but as soon as he moved to Canada long time ago and met with one beautiful soul, everything keeps on manifesting gradually. [Read more.]


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Meditation for Busy People

In order to live a happy, healthy and productive life, we can meditate early in the morning for 10 minutes when we wake up before we do any kind of work. It settles down our thoughts for the whole day.


  • Sit comfortably and be relaxed
  • In the beginning, our mind is busy with many thoughts
  • Close our eyes and bring the sensation of awareness of the breath at the top of the nostrils while breathing in and breathing out
  • Let the thoughts just pass by without attachment, just observe them
  • If we get disconnected with breath, keep coming back to the awareness of breath at the top of the nostrils is our practice

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