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How to Slow Down Our Thought Process?

Whatever emotions are arising within us, you have to witness them and witnessing means observation with no judgment and labeling without any reaction. Pay attention, slow down, and observe the emotion and notice the gap between breath out and breath in which is also called meditation practice.

Sanjeev Kumar is a Mindfulness Practitioner and Acclaimed Author of “Practicing The Power of Present Moment”.

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Bliss of Mindfulness

The right meaning of Mindfulness is to live in this moment by witnessing and observation of thoughts. If someone brings their negative emotion upon us, we have to response them without reaction.

Happiness is to Move Beyond Duality of Life

Embrace the deep root of pain and it disappears. Accept every moment with deep gratitude whether it is pain or happiness.

Only Love Can Heal Everything

Create a fragrance of self-love to overcome anger, fear etc. As long as soul grows in love, it cannot harm to our physical body. We need to feed our soul continuously with fragrance of love and then observe how our life is getting transformed.

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Canadian Mindfulness Research Center

Canadian Mindfulness Research Center was founded by Sanjeev Kumar in 2011. It was his deep curiosity to know about truth since childhood in order to understand who we really are, what is the true purpose of our life, why we are here, and how can we align with the frequency of the Universe? It did not manifest as long as he was in India but as soon as he moved to Canada long time ago and met with one beautiful soul, everything keeps on manifesting gradually. [...]

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