Anger Management Course

Nepali Pathshala

Anger Management Course

Be Responsive Not Reactive

This program teaches that you need to be responsive rather than reactive. Never react at all, otherwise argument and discussion take place. If someone tries to create anger within you, never reply to them immediately but take a gap or space. Take some deep relaxing breathing exercises also. Let some time pass before you reply back. We also teach you to never suppress or repress anger, otherwise it explodes and bursts out, harms and affects your decision-making skills.

Another part of this course shows how we have to transfer the energy of anger into an energy of laughing, dancing, or exercise, by dynamic meditation practice. The final part of our program is to bring your attention and energy to awareness of breath rather than useless thoughts of anger. Anger also happens when you operate from ego in the form of labeling and judgment, so transcending your ego with meditation practice is also part of our training.

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