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Forgiveness Workshop

Nepali Pathshala

Forgiveness Workshop

(Learn to let go of the painful feelings of hurt and release your negative emotions toward others.)

Forgiveness is the positive fragrance of our life. This program is based on releasing your negative emotions toward others. It can free you from suffering. Most of us hold grudges, wounds, hurts, etc. and we want to take revenge because we live with ego so we cannot forgive others. It is better to forgive ourselves in order to forgive others. Forgive and forget them.

We teach you how to transcend your ego and dissolve your mind as we connect with breathing meditation. Meditation helps you to break down our ego and it can free you from negative emotions. In this workshop, we also teach people how to connect with nature. Nature can help you to dissolve your ego in order to refresh, relax, recharge, and rejuvenate. It can help you to get rid of useless thoughts. The more you forgive yourself the more you become quiet and calm in your mind which raises your productivity. You can attract abundance, beautiful life partners, etc. into our life because you raise your frequency, vibration, and energy.

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