Practice Gratitude & Happiness

Nepali Pathshala

Practice Gratitude & Happiness

Live here in the Now

Gratitude means to appreciate and accept everything with thankfulness in the form of love, kindness, and compassion. The more you can accept and allow the present moment, the better you can attract happiness. Many people today are living with thoughts of worry, anxiety, and fear. So, they miss out on this beautiful present moment of awareness, and therefore they cannot find happiness. For example, if I have a small house, with a limited source of income and an entry-level job I should still appreciate and be content with it because in doing so I will attract more happiness. The happier we are, the better our productivity becomes. Oxytocin and dopamine are released when we are happy, this improves our immunity and overall productivity.


If there are any thoughts of stress, anger, or worry in the present moment, you can bring your awareness to your breath at the top of nostril as you breathe in and breathe out. Where attention goes, the energy grows. When you bring your attention to the breath, automatically the thoughts of stress, anger, etc. dissipate. You can also practice holding your breath for a few seconds and then releasing it to help calm down your nervous system. Breathing helps us to absorb the maximum amount of oxygen inside the tissue of the lungs and it gives power to the immune system as well. Oxygen brings fresh energy which can declutter all kinds of useless thoughts.


Participant benefits:


1)   Learn the significance of gratitude and how to accept everything with love, kindness, and compassion

2)   Be and live in the present moment, heighten your awareness to accept and detect happiness better

3)   Gain clarity on how to be content with the current aspects of your life situation

4)   Knowledge of a breathing technique that can and will transform thoughts of stress, anger, or anxiety

5)   How to absorb the maximum amount of oxygen and how to strengthen the immune system

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