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Practice Gratitude

04 Mar, 2022

Practice Gratitude

Welcome to the Practice Gratitude Program offered by the Canadian Mindfulness Research Center! Our program is designed to help you cultivate a deep sense of joy, appreciation, and a positive mindset through the power of gratitude. By incorporating gratitude into your daily life, you can experience profound shifts in your well-being and overall happiness. Join our program today and embark on a journey of transformation.


Key Benefits of the Practice Gratitude Program:


Cultivate Joy: Discover how practicing gratitude can shift your focus to the positive aspects of life, fostering a sense of joy and contentment.


Foster Appreciation: Develop a heightened sense of appreciation for the simple blessings and experiences that often go unnoticed.


Enhance Mental Well-being: Experience a positive impact on your mental health as gratitude promotes a more optimistic outlook and reduces stress.


Improve Relationships: Gratitude strengthens connections with others, deepens empathy, and enhances your ability to express appreciation and love.


Boost Resilience: Learn how gratitude can increase resilience, helping you navigate challenges and setbacks with a positive and resilient mindset.


Increase Self-Care: Practice gratitude as a form of self-care, nurturing self-compassion, and fostering a greater sense of self-worth.


Program Features:


Gratitude Journaling: Learn effective techniques and receive guidance on gratitude journaling, a powerful tool for cultivating gratitude and mindfulness.


Gratitude Practices: Explore various gratitude practices such as gratitude meditations, reflection exercises, and acts of kindness to infuse gratitude into your daily life.


Mindfulness Integration: Understand how mindfulness can enhance the practice of gratitude, allowing you to fully savor the present moment and appreciate its gifts.


Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of our experienced facilitators who will provide guidance, support, and personalized insights throughout the program.


Community Support: Engage with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are also on their gratitude journey, sharing experiences and providing encouragement.


Unlock the transformative power of gratitude in your life! Join the Practice Gratitude Program at the Canadian Mindfulness Research Center and embark on a journey of cultivating joy, appreciation, and a positive mindset. Sign up today and start experiencing the profound benefits of practicing gratitude.


Gratitude Program more in details

Gratitude means appreciate and accept everything with thankfulness in the form of kindness, compassion, & love. Be grateful in your heart whosoever has cheated, deceive, & betray you and appreciate them as well. Remember, you are here because of them and then you can forgive yourself in order to forgive others. Fighting, conflict, argument take place when we operate from ego and we are not grateful for each other.

Accept every moment with deep gratitude whether it is pain or happiness. Life keep on changing from time to time or moment to moment. There is nothing fixed. People are looking for happiness every moment which is impossible so, we attract pain. Even problem cannot be permanent. As soon as we accept pain we can move beyond pain but we are struggling or fighting with our thoughts of past and future therefore we attract more pain.

Be grateful for this divine moment. Live here right now. How can we live in the thoughts of past or future? We cannot because it never exists at all. If this now is ok then the next now is also ok therefore celebrate every moment with fun and joy and squeeze every moment so that nothing is left behind and gradually you can notice that you are going to create happiness in the future by living right now. Life is here in the now. Embrace and accept it with deep gratitude.

We should be happy with whatsoever things are available in the now and we can attract more happiness because like attracts like. We need to appreciate water, sunshine, air, nature and it is free of cost and it has much value in it. It is abundant in nature and we need to connect with them and thanks to higher power that they have provided us. These are real teachers which can transform our life.

We need to focus on what we have than what we do not have. Just for an example if I have small car, limited amount of source income and small house. I should be happy and content with it because I am living here in the now and gradually we can attract more happiness. It is called the thought of richness. Most of us want to attract million-dollar house and living in the thought of future by missing this present moment awareness and finally it affects our life because we are living in the future. Future do not exist.

This is called thought of poverty and scarcity. Still, we can attract million-dollar house and many more by living in the present moment awareness. The happier and more peaceful we live the better and powerful awesome thought of becoming rich we can create and thoughts are things. People live with too much expectation and all expectation leads into frustration because they are living in the thought of future or past and they are still struggling and fighting with useless thought. This is divine moment we have, we have to celebrate it in the now.

Accept and appreciate all changes in our life. Everything is changing and moving fast and Universe works with very high speed. If pain happens we have to accept it with deep gratitude and we can move beyond pain. Gratitude mean appreciate everything even if you meet with failures or unsuccess. Focus on weakness and drawbacks and accept it and move forward. Never fight or struggle with useless thoughts of anger, fear etc. Never hold back any grudges or wound. Accept, release, and let go of it.

Celebrate pain to attract Happiness

There is a tremendous growth takes place in acute crisis. You can investigate your life in the now and you can notice that you would have faced many challenges, obstacles etc. a long time ago and you are here because of them therefore we need to embrace pain with deep gratitude. Moreover, whatever pain can bring for our life, happiness cannot bring at all. Therefore, we need to respect and embrace pain and it reminds us that there is higher source of energy or power which can helps us in difficult situation that comes from beyond, unknown, and limitless space. A ray of light always come at last. It has to come and if does not come it means you have done something wrong with existence.

Universe always works at higher frequency. The more we raise our frequency, vibration, and energy the more we get closer to the blessing of Universe. Think at the level of compassion, love, and forgiveness and you can notice that everything falls into a right place. Universe is ready to bring many possibilities and opportunities but we are not open to it. Moreover, we are not grateful for it because we live with ego in the form of chattering and wandering of our mind with limiting belief therefore Universe takes it back. Accept every moment whether it is pain or happiness. If Universe brings pain, just trust within yourself and accept it as a divine gift by higher power. Pain acts as catalyst and fuel and It forces us to move forward.

I faced deep pain few times in my life. Now I realise that I am here because of them so pain brought tremendous joy in my life. I would love to respect and love pain more than happiness. It unfolds my potential to infinite level. We need to tap this power by let go, and surrender to higher power and wish to get deep pain sometime in our life because only deep pain can awaken you. This is an opportunity to be alert and aware and look at the life with different angle.

Relationship problems such as divorce, separation etc. happen because we are not grateful to each other. We operate from ego and there is no right alignment of thought frequency and separation happens. Start appreciating small things in our life with gratefulness. Then we can grow.

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