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Workplace Productivity

Nepali Pathshala

Workplace Productivity

Connect With The Breath

Workplace Productivity – an inspiration for leaders

A workplace is always an environment of high expectations to deliver your best value and also a place which can be highly stressful. People multitask, juggle different assignments and most of all there is no time to meditate. This workshop designed for leaders to inspire, give clear calm directions and be a real leader has been born out of leaders asking for exactly this. Breathing meditation as an important module in this workshop helps to settle useless thoughts and set the appropriate priorities at work. Now let us come to the benefits:

    1. Learning how to connect with the breath
    2. Applying to let go of unwanted thoughts
    3. How to introspect and focus on the breathing
    4. How to stop and tame a busy mind
    5. How to learn to declutter the thoughts
    6. Tips and techniques to be more relaxed and attain peace


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