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Overcoming Useless Thoughts

Nepali Pathshala

Overcoming Useless Thoughts

(Are you struggling with overthinking in the form of unwanted thoughts?)

During this program, we teach how to reduce the number of thoughts with breathing meditation. We have approximately 65,000 thoughts every day and most of them are useless in the form of overthinking because we live in the thoughts of past and future. We can help you to live right here and now by bringing the awareness of breath at the top of nostril through breath in and breath out. As soon we bring our awareness back to breath, all kinds of useless thoughts move away.

In the last part of this program, we also teach how to live with non-judgmental awareness and accept each and every moment with deep gratitude. Never struggle or fight with any thoughts whether they are positive or negative thoughts. Accept, and practice deep relaxed breathing exercises, then finally you can move beyond negative thoughts.

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