Meditation for Busy People

Nepali Pathshala

Meditation for Busy People

(Are you struggling with a restless mind? Learn how to slow down your thoughts.)

A specially designed workshop for the increasing demand to meditate. Science has shown that certain brain areas are enhanced and the brain cortex is thicker in the brain scans of meditating people. This is a clear sign that meditating people live happier, healthier and in harmony. These facts and this course are the answer to many requests on how to stay calm in an environment that invites us to be busy and exhausted.

This workshop is pure medicine for the hyperactive mind. In order to live a happy, healthy and productive life, we must meditate early in the morning for 10 minutes when we wake up, before we do any kind of work (time management skills) because meditation brings us peace and raises our productivity level at the workplace as well.

Participant benefits:

1) Meditate even with a busy lifestyle

2) Live with awareness throughout your day

3) Witness your thoughts without attachment

4) Create an essential gap between two thoughts and massively benefit from the new learning

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