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Our Story


Our Story

Sanjeev was born and raised in India. He had a deep curiosity to know about truth since childhood in order to understand who we really are, what is the true purpose of our life, why we are here, and how can we align with the frequency of the Universe? It did not manifest as long as he was in India, even though he was seeking, finding, and looking for the answers to all his questions. As soon as he moved to Canada, many years ago, he met with an old Caucasian woman, then everything manifested gradually from limitless, boundless, and endless space. They started living on the mountain, ocean, river etc. for many years in a deep meditative and silent state where they connected with sunshine, water, fresh air, and rocks. They realized that only nature can help us in deep transformation because it can deprogram and decondition our mind.

A long time ago, he faced many challenges and obstacles in the form of a nervous breakdown and depression. Later on, he realized that everything happens for a good reason, because light comes from darkness and the more you can experience duality, totality, completeness, and togetherness, the better you can evolve which is the real meaning of life.

Over the last 3 decades, Sanjeev Kumar has traveled extensively and worked with many people around the globe. In his journey, he met with many amazing people, learned many life-enhancing lessons and had many awakening moments, which he started sharing with others out of his deep desire to help people alleviate their pain and suffering just as he was once helped. He strongly believes that the more honest and truthful you are, the better you can create space within, in the form of intuition, which guides you from the inside. This enables you to embrace a higher power in order to connect with existence. People have found their life’s true purpose, inspiration, and joy in the words of Sanjeev Kumar. He published his extensive research in his best-selling book, “Practicing The Power of Present Moment”.

Sanjeev’s next research project began when he realized that if you want to connect with existence then you have to empty all of your thoughts in order to live with Nothingness. That is the only truth of our life because as soon as you create emptiness inside of you, a beautiful thought pops up to your brain from unknown, beyond, and empty space. This research will be documented in his upcoming book, “The Power of Nothingness”.

Welcome To Canadian Mindfulness Research Center

Our Center was formed in 2011 by Sanjeev Kumar and is located in Calgary (Canada). Here, we educate people who are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, etc. Our goals are to improve productivity, remove stress, create self-love and compassion, maintain work-life balance, break down limiting beliefs, improve relationships, transcend ego, recharge our batteries and attract abundance into our lives. We educate others on how to slow down, pay attention, and watch their thoughts/emotions which are arising within them, instead of reacting. Therefore, we have to witness it without any reaction.

Most people are struggling with a busy or monkey mind because they are connected with many useless thoughts in the form of overthinking. We can help them to create powerful and awesome thoughts. We show them how to release stuck emotions, which they are holding in their life, through dynamic meditation practice.

We also educate people on how practical tools of mindfulness practice can help to dissolve negative emotions such as stress, jealousy, hate, anger, etc. This improves memory, attention, reduces mind wandering and distraction. Which allows them to be less busy, focus, and stay on task at work. We offer special courses for the Mindfulness Teacher Training Certificate Program, Mindfulness for Children/Adults. We offer collaboration/partnership opportunities as well with educational institutions, companies, and corporations.

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