Self-Love & Compassion

Nepali Pathshala

Self-Love & Compassion

(Learn to love yourself more: build up self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.)

How can you love others without loving yourself? This program can help you to create a fragrance of compassion and self-love. Compassion arises when we transcend ego. It is the core of meditation practice. It is the act of forgiving ourselves and others as well, with kindness. We also teach you to raise frequency, vibration, energy in order to dissolve other negative emotions within us.

This program can help you to attract abundance and beautiful life partners. As well, this program guides you through a practical approach to create self-love in order to raise your energy, frequency, and vibration. Whoever comes into your magnetic field receives enlightenment. Fear, anger, etc. happen when we lack self-love. The more you love yourself, the more you love others. Be full of love and everything else flows from you.

Participant benefits:

1) Practice compassion and self-love in daily life

2) Act out of strong self–love

3) Experience how more compassion and love creates daily happiness

4) Transcend ego with the help of compassion practice

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