Meditation For Anxiety & Depression

Nepali Pathshala

Meditation For Anxiety & Depression

(Learn the technique to live here right now with focus on the breath.)

Learn about how to let go of the thoughts of the past by bringing awareness to the sensation of breath in order to overcome anxiety. Most of us are living in thoughts of memory, worry, etc. Those thoughts hold you back and people are not able to release them. We teach how to disconnect with thoughts of the past. Overthinking in the form of useless thoughts leads to anxiety. This program can help you to live in the present moment of awareness to overcome worries.

 Our program helps you to remain mindful and use cognitive behavior therapy with dynamic meditation practice and group therapy. Rewiring of brain cells and meditation plays a very important role to overcome depression and anxiety. We encourage you to have a deep connection with nature and bring a sensation of awareness of the breath at the top of nostril in order to dissolve all kinds of useless thoughts.

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