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Corporate Mindfulness Program

Nepali Pathshala

Corporate Mindfulness Program

Help to generate empathy & kindness

Our tailored-based mindfulness program for your company consist of 60 to 90 minutes. Through entire session, we use various mindfulness practical tools including breathing meditation. Participant who complete our session will learn how to declutter useless thoughts in order to enhanced productivity to get rid of stress and maintain work-life balance. And it can help us to improve decision making skills as well. Focus, creativity, compassion, & courage are our pillars.


Main Points:

  • Bring Calm and deep Relaxation at you Workplace
  • Reducing Anxiety and Stress
  • Guided Meditation, Deep Breathing exercise and Mindfulness Programs
  • Positive Emotional Wellness to Raise Productivity
  • Maintain Work- Life Balance



Special Programs

1. Mindfulness for Stress-Free life

2. Work- Life Balance

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