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Guided Meditation Practice

13 Sep, 2021

Guided Meditation Practice

Meditation is act of sitting and doing nothing. It is no mind state where we stop all actions. The more we work hard to do meditation the more we fail because we try to struggle or fight with our thoughts. Witnessing is the key of meditation practice. Let the thoughts come and go. We are observer and watch our thoughts without any judgement whether it is positive or negative thoughts. Let them pass by. The more you try to stop the thoughts the more it reflects. Be still and observe it. It’s just like traffic on the road where you can see that cars, buses etc. are coming and going with horns and honks, you do not need to judge them at all. You are just watching it by standing at the corner of road and after some time you can notice that horn and honk is vanished because you bring your awareness of breath at the top of nostril while breath in or breath out. Breath is life force energy which can helps us to live in the present moment and connect with existence. Attention goes where energy flows. Practical approach for Basic Meditation Live in relax position anywhere. Let go of all thoughts. Close your eyes. The mind is too busy and occupied in the beginning as soon as you close your eyes, gradually it tries to settles down with thoughts. We can bring the sensation of awareness of breath at the top of nostril while breath in and breath out. Top of nostril is called object of meditation practice because you can feel the sensation of breath here. Breath should natural and relaxed. During meditation practice, it might happen that you are lost in the thoughts of work, husband, wife etc. Let them come and go because you are not the thoughts but you are a observer. You have to go and visit them without any objection but remember you have to bring your awareness to the breath. It does not matter how many times you are disconnected with it but bring your awareness to the breath is our practice. As soon you come to breath all kind of negative or positive thoughts are not anymore. You can feel calm and relax. A thoughtless awareness created inside in the form of hollowness or emptiness which can help us to pull the energy of the Universe towards you and make things happen in an effortless effort way. Difference between Concentration and Meditation Concentration is to focus on a single object and bring a total energy into this moment. We can judge our thoughts whether they are good or bad so gradually we are conditioning our mind. Meditation means dropping all barriers and deconditioning our mind with just observation and witnessing of our thoughts. Concentration means too much effort or hard work with the programmed mind ends up with living in the past and future. This leads to suffering but meditation means effortless effort and deep relaxation into this present moment awareness. Meditation in Activity of Daily living It does not matter how busy you are, wherever you are or whatsoever activities you are doing, you need to be mindful in every moment. Be relax and enjoy in the moment and then you can do any kind of activity but totally absorbed and celebrate each and every moment. Make every activity as a meditation practice. When you take a sip of tea, you are already there with awareness means fully present and enjoy with taste and flavor of tea because you are present in each and every step for preparation of tea and moreover you are mindful and it can heal your body but on the other hand, if you prepare tea with living in the past and future may be you can drop the utensil or you can burn your tongue when you take hot tea inside and definitely it is not a taste of awareness, moreover it brings pain and suffering because you put the moments of past and future in preparation of it. When you play with music, how beautifully you are playing with guitar, and completely merge with the existence; you are tuned with it completely. There is no difference between guitar and you and you become music and wall or separation between them is dissolved. Live with Awareness Do everything with awareness. Hurt a person with awareness and you can find that you not going to hurt any more. Love a person with awareness and you can feel that you start loving more and it gets stronger. If you are doing a sex with awareness and you can find that your life is going to be blissful. Awareness means take enough time in every step of each activity and deep relaxation in order to look at the things with clarity. For example, smoking a cigarette. As soon as you keep on watching every step with awareness, you are no longer going to smoke a cigarette. As you light it with a matchstick, you can see that you are adding fire to the cigarette and finally you are inhaling carbon oxide inside which creates lung cancer, disease, and coughing which is dangerous for our health. Awareness means be slow and watch out every activity with a gap or pause in between so that you can observe it with full clarity and witness inside that how it is bringing you close to death when you continue smoking a cigarette. Not only that, we are wasting time, energy, and money in addition to this. Therefore, why cannot we use the same amount of money for juice, soup, and vegetables which can help us with a healthy nutrition. Be alert, relaxed, and conscious of every activity. Showering is a Meditation Practice As soon we go for showering, just witness how every drop of water on the surface of the skin is affecting the inside and releasing our toxins, healing our soul and transcending anger, fear, negative emotion as well. Moreover, water is full of negative ions which can absorb all our negativity and make us fresh, rejuvenated, and relaxed too. It is cleansing our body and rediscovering ourselves who we really are. Take a shower for a longer period of time every day and you can see that water affects very positively. Your inner cells are full of water and you become the water and water has a maximum power to heal everything. Witnessing the nature Go to nature and connect yourself with waterfalls, oceans, nature etc. and merge with them completely without labeling and judgement and there is no difference between you and nature. You become nature and nature become you. In that merging, enlightenment happens, in that merging, new consciousness arises, in that merging, a miracle happens and the best part of it that there is negative ion which Is present in nature. High levels of positive ions cause depression and stress, while high amounts of negative ions create refreshment, relaxation, and rejuvenation. There are also large concentrations of negative ions around waterfalls, rivers, and mountains, making the air highly refreshing. Negative ions are invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance when we connected with mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once it reaches to bloodstream, negative ions increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, anxiety, and relieve stress. High concentrations of negative ions are essential for powerful energy and positive mood and good vibes. Moreover, it cleans all kinds of useless thoughts and make us vibrant, pure, and innovative which we can use for creative work and therefore all discoveries happen on the bank of ocean, river, lake etc. If you want to do any kind of extraordinary research, go and live with nature, you can see that gradually you are very close with your goal because negative ion keeps on cleaning all kinds of unwanted thoughts and unfold your hidden mystery. You can witness the stars at night. You notice that how powerful light it is emitting and when we continuously keep on watching the star we become the stars and stars become us. It means the wall between us get dissolved and you can absorb the total intensity of light of star within us and there the is no difference between you and star. And whole light of stars moves inside and finally you start radiating the light. We can witness the running water, chirping of birds, and enjoy with fragrance of flower and be there and you can notice that you move inside to connect with soul. Only love and compassion are needed to connect with our self. Ego connect to body and mind which is obstacle on the path of soul therefore we need to do meditation to dissolve ego and create compassion and love. Love yourself as much as you can, so that you do not need to love others because they can receive your frequency and energy because we are interconnected at the level of soul or energy. The deeper your love the more you can understand the fragrance of soul. Appreciate each other and look in other’s eyes to feel the glimpse of soul. Have you ever seen that image of moon reflect in stagnant and standstill water? Yes, Is it. But when water is moving, this image is not formed and it is scattered. In the same way, we need to be still and quiet our mind and you can notice that the fragrance of soul is within us. As soon as we get glimpse of it, you are the soul and you become the God, creator or higher power. Move from Gap to Gap Another meaning of meditation practice is to observe or witness the gap within us. Awareness of the gap between two thoughts or words can help us to connect with existence, is also called meditative gap. This is the same gap between outbreath or inbreath during breathing process. This gap helps us to pay attention, slow down, and watch out our thoughts. Anything, which goes faster than this gap cannot make you mindful. Suppose, if you are working in fast pace situation, still you need to take an awareness of gap between two actions in order to raise the productivity. We are busy with mind through useless thoughts so we forget to create an awareness of gap between two thoughts. Have you ever noticed that you can pass the road from one end to another end when you get empty space? Yes, it is same as when we are connected with many thoughts inside us and we cannot pass by but when we get empty of thoughts, we can pass easily from one gap to another gap. We need to witness this gap. Did you ever notice that there are many free spaces in the Universe where many stars are twinkling? Connect with them and keep watching them continuously or witness them and you become stars because you absorbed the total light of stars in deep awareness. This is also meditation practice. Manifest Abundance with Meditation Practice Everything is available in the form of abundance. Water is flowing in the river but we are not aware of it. The whole existence is ready to bring everything in our life. Money is also flowing everywhere but we live with limited belief system, close mind, & ego therefore we are not able to see and attract it. In order to attract abundance, we need to vibrate at highest frequency of love and compassion with right alignment and live with deep gratitude. Have you ever noticed that we attract negative emotions such as hate, jealousy etc. when we emit negative thoughts frequency? Yes, it always happens in autopilot. Remember, we are magnet and whatever we emit we attract same things in our life. Therefore, if we emit the thoughts frequency of richness in the form of money, health etc. same things we attract in our life.

We can stop the judgment and break down the wall of ego and live at the level of oneness and considered we are part of the Universe and everything is energy. The more you live at the level of energy the more you can connect yourself and Universe as well. And then you can create a powerful thought idea to attract abundance because you are directly in tuned with the existence and it manifest from unknown, beyond, and limitless space. Live in the deep relaxation state with flow and surrender to the higher power with deep trust. Now, you are in tuned with existence and whole existence move inside you and make things happen because you are in flow. Moreover, you are pulling the energy of the Universe towards you.

Another part is to put that intention in the subconscious mind but never struggle or fight with it. Repeat the same thoughts over and over again when you are in relax mood. Repetition create a deep self-connection within us. Again, we have to forget it completely and live without expectation because all expectation leads into frustration. Never obsessed with any kind of thoughts. Live in the state of solitude with flow and in surrender mode with deep trust within our self. Create a state of nothingness, hollowness, or emptiness inside of you in the form of thoughtless awareness. And finally, a vacuum formation takes place in the Universe which can pull the energy of Universe towards you to make things happen. It comes through very deep and intense meditation practice. We have to live in happy and peaceful mood in order to manifest it. Remember, always hold the higher vibration of unconditional love and forgiveness.

For example, if you have created an intention to attract million-dollar house etc. you are going to get it because you emit thought frequency from the deepest core of heart and Universe conceive and it conspires us in the same way what we think, act, or live. We need to take physical action in flow without any hard work by holding higher vibration of compassion and self-love. Celebrate each moment and squeeze it so that next moment is not left behind and gradually things started manifesting.

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