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Anger Management Course

05 Apr, 2023

Anger Management Course

Discover the Path to Inner Peace with Our Anger Management Program


Are you struggling to control your anger? Is it affecting your relationships, work, or overall well-being? Discover a life-changing solution with our comprehensive anger management course. Gain the tools and techniques to effectively manage and channel your anger, leading to healthier relationships, improved communication, and a greater sense of emotional well-being. Enroll today and unlock a brighter future filled with harmony and self-control.


Are you tired of letting anger control your life? It's time to take charge and embrace a healthier, happier you! Our Anger Management Program is designed to provide you with the tools and support you need to effectively manage your anger and regain control of your emotions.


Learn powerful techniques to recognize and understand the root causes of your anger.

Discover practical strategies to diffuse tense situations and communicate assertively.

Develop healthy coping mechanisms to replace destructive behaviors and reactions.

Cultivate mindfulness and self-awareness to respond to triggers with calm and clarity.

 Gain insights from experienced professionals who are dedicated to your personal growth and well-being.


Don't let anger hold you back from living your best life! Join our Anger Management Program today and unlock a brighter future filled with harmonious relationships, improved communication, and a deep sense of inner peace.

                                 Details Below

Anger is a negative emotional energy and it takes place when we are not alert, aware, and awake. It happens when you overreact to a situation by not living in this moment as soon as you disconnected with a focus on the awareness of breath end up creating resistance within you in the form of anger. It also happens when we condition and identify our minds in the form of ego and ego is present superficially but as soon as ego gets hurt for any reason, anger happens. Therefore, create a great space for you to dissolve anger.

If someone tries to create anger upon you, never reply to them immediately but take a gap or space may be for few seconds, hours, or few days and then reply them back. You can observe that intensity of anger is gone down. Never suppress or represses any kind of emotional energy inside otherwise it explodes and burst out. I know one of my clients broke down her phone and threw the laptop because she was carrying the energy of anger inside and it just released in a negative way. Therefore, never suppress the energy of anger and try to release it in the Universe. She used to beat her kids because her husband was creating anger for her and she was not giving an outlet to release this energy and finally energy transfer took place in the form of beating.

Everything is energy and therefore anger is energy and property of energy is neither created nor destroyed it just changes into a different form. Shift your total energy from anger to creativity in the form of dancing, music, photography, reading, singing, painting etc. and a great miracle comes out from within as anger has disappeared and finally an energy transfer takes place.

Dynamic Meditation Practice

This is most effective tool to release negative emotions. We keep on collecting negative emotion energy such as guilt, shame, anger, hate etc. in the form of suppressed and repressed emotion. We are not releasing it and therefore the chances that it would burst out any time in the form of fight, conflict, argument, violence etc. It needs outlet to release into the Universe. As we know that energy is neither created nor destroyed in the nature. It remains as it is but it changes from one form to another form. Dynamic meditation practice means, it is fast moving activities with high speed to release stuck energy.

Just for example, if a person has collected energy of anger, shame, guilt etc. he must do exercise and release all such kind of negative emotion energy. After exercise, he must get tired, feel sleep etc. and finally released it, basically we are changing the forms of energy. Screaming, dancing, swimming, singing, weeping, crying etc. are the activities to release all kind of negative emotion (toxin) from our body. Have you ever noticed that when you weep or cry, you release the suppressed emotion in the form of droplet of water? Yes, it happens. And after that you feel relax, light, & love because suppressed energy is released out.

Transcends anger with Mindfulness Practice

Whenever anger happens you notice that breathe get fast and you lose the sensation of awareness of breath. So, bringing sensation of awareness of the breath at the top of the nostrils is our practice. Whatever emotion arises we need to witness it without any judgment and labeling. Mindfulness teaches us about how to slow down and pay attention to our thoughts as well. We have to response them but never react to them at all. Witnessing means how did it happen and from where did it come and how did it affect our health? For the first few times, we can be a victim of anger but later on when we can witness it, it cannot take control of us because we have already experienced it before in first place. From next time onward, we are already aware of it. Therefore, it does not affect at all.

Client Question :

My father used to abuse me forty years ago when I was a kid and everyday he used to beat me as well because he was drunk and alcoholic. Now I am getting older and am still not able to forgive him. Still I am carrying the energy of anger and I am getting distracted whenever I used to think about him. How can I overcome it?

Julie (Meditation Teacher from Canada) Answer : Anger, stress etc. happen when we are not in self-love. Only love and compassion can heal us. You cannot transcend hate with hate but love is needed and this love which I am talking it comes from within and through meditation practice and deep connection with nature when you live alone and look within and know who you really are.

The outside world is not the real world but it is an illusion of separation. We think that we know about love but we do not. Go inside and live alone completely within yourself where you can find true love arise with the meditation practice by deep connection with nature and when it arises it heals everything. This problem takes place because you are living under the control of your ego and your ego does not let you to forgive him. We must think that every person is unique in this world and we are deeply connected with everyone so how can my father be different from me. We must let go and disconnect with the thoughts of past at all no matter how beautiful or painful it was.

Whatever happened, happened. Rather, you must have gratitude for your father that he brought you here for this spiritual journey and you are here because of him and everything happen for a good reason. He played a very important role for you and everybody has pain and this pain is a blessing and benediction for you. Very few people can come to this path and you are lucky enough. If you get such kind of thoughts of anger, do not fight, struggle, or give power to it otherwise it manifests. Never put attention to such kind of thoughts at all. Just witness and observe it and while witnessing take a deep breath and it disappears.

Everything is energy. Feeling, intention, thought are energy and property of energy is to change from one form to another. Therefore, when you get such kinds of thoughts of anger, hate etc. you need to change it from one form to another form. This means you have to bring the fragrance of energy of love and compassion and you are free from suffering and a great transformation takes place. Go for morning a walk and enjoy nature and do dynamic meditation practice such as crying, tearing down, dancing etc.

Never share or transfer the energy of anger A director of a company brings anger upon his employees and this employee carry the energy of anger and share it to his house and his wife shares it with her kids and everybody is in anger because it is getting a transfer from one person to another person and keeps moving and every person is in pain. We need to release this energy in to the Universe through dynamic meditation practice such as laughing, dancing, crying etc. I advise them to do dynamic meditation practice means they can sit together and do laughter therapy and finally energy of anger changes into the energy of laughing, and energy of anger is thrown into the Universe or release out. In meditation, you are throwing anger into the Universe to be purified. The Universe is such a vast and great empty space that it can absorb all kinds of energy.

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