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The Power of Self-Love

06 Apr, 2022

The Power of Self-Love

Hate, anger, stress etc. happen when are not in self-love. Only love can heal us. You cannot transcend hate with hate but love is needed and this love which I am talking it comes from within and through meditation practice and deep connection with nature. Whatsoever arising within us we have to witness it and the more you love yourself the more you love others. As long as you love yourself you do not need to love others because others are reflection of you and they can receive your frequency and vibration very easily because everything is energy. Moreover, we are magnet and attract similar frequency because like attracts like therefore we need to create a fragrance of self-love.

Love is the nourishment for soul same as food is to human body. Without food the body is weak, without love the soul is weak so a question comes that how can we love ourselves? Self-love is very important. We need to create an affirmation within and start repeating same words over and over again every day such as

1-Forgive them and yourself as well whosoever have hurt you or you have hurt them consciously or unconsciously before by whatever way with words, thoughts, actions etc. and it starts happening gradually because each thought is frequency and energy which goes to the Universe and bring similar result. Whatever we are now because of our thoughts. May be if you are living in Canada and you would have hurt people a long time ago in different country ect, even they can receive this message because everything is energy which moves here and there.

Most of the people are carrying grudges, anger, fear etc. because they do not want to forgive others and they live with too much ego and therefore they are lacking self-love moreover they are holding all kind of negative thoughts of emotion energy and giving power and energy to it and finally they are in pain and suffering.

2-We need to be one with every living or non-living things and live without judgement and labeling and drop jealousy, hate, anger, fear etc. and look for happiness to be shared with others and repeat all these things within you every day over and over again and very soon you can find that you started healing others because they are the reflection of you and finally it brings happiness, joy, and success in their life.

3-Try to absorb the pain and suffering of others within you as much as you can and gradually you can see that grace would happens to you and you become higher power and a miracle take place. A person who love himself he always respects himself and others too and beautiful energy start flowing around them and he can be easily meditative. We must love our body parts and start watching it in mirror and feel the body awareness. We can appreciate our body parts and smile in front of mirror too. We can say how beautiful our eyes, ears etc. We must hug the trees and connect with nature such as water, mother earth more and more and put feet in water and love the sun, moon etc. We must love the texture of flower and enjoy with fragrance of it as well. We must love pet dogs, cats etc.

Self-respect, self-esteem, and self-image are the important part of self-love. Self-confidence arises when we are more in self-love. The whole practice of meditation is to create a fragrance of self-love and it teaches about how to pay attention, slow down, and watch our thoughts. The more you slow down the more you create a space or gap between two thoughts the more you can love yourself. In our society everyone tries to love one another without loving themselves therefore they are not at peace and whole life they suffer because they are attached with physical body.

Pure love happens between two souls. Most people believe in conditional love which is based on give and take and again they attract suffering because love never happens outside but it is always inside.


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