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The Power of Nothingness

02 Mar, 2022

The Power of Nothingness

Mind is a CHATTERING & WANDERING box. Chattering means collection of useless thoughts which comes through mind. If you are busy in chattering, your whole energy goes on thinking & end up into dissipating of energy because your mind is full of thoughts just like a clouded sky & you cannot see the sky clearly with cloud because it covers up. Every thought needs energy & if you are wasting your energy for thinking then how you can you create few powerful focus thoughts which comes from emptiness.

The whole purpose of meditation practice is to create emptiness, hollowness etc. The right meaning of meditation is sitting and doing nothing but witnessing of all thoughts whatsoever thoughts are coming into this moment. Never try to stop the thoughts but let it come and let it go, we have to witness of it and while witnessing, there is an emptiness of thoughts happen as a result of thoughtless awareness means there is neither positive nor negative thoughts. All thoughts are dissolved. There is a space or gap happens inside as a result of vacuum formation in which we release old thoughts energy and pull the fresh thoughts energy from the Universe and it is in autopilot and continuous process which put us in meditative space. We need to alert, aware, and wakeful of whatsoever we are doing. Do not sleep but wake up every moment.

Most of the people live with hate, jealousy, anger, fear, greed, craving etc. and full with it so how can they attract positivity, love, and courage? They cannot, therefore, first of all they have to release it and then they can attract positive emotion by creating a vacuum formation inside. Get rid of all clinging, attachment, and desires and then you can find the grace of God or higher power because you are empty from inside. Can you add water in full cup? You cannot, first of all you have to empty it and then you can add water.

It also happens when we go to nature and there is recharging of battery takes place in which old energy is getting released and pulling the fresh energy. It happens commonly with us in day to day life also when we are holding old thoughts energy and not releasing it therefore we are not attracting the right people, right friends, and right things around us and moreover we are giving power, attention, and energy to old thoughts, so first of all we need to release old thought energy and create a vacuum formation inside us by creating a space in order to attract fresh energy.

Thoughts of Discovery

When we create a nothingness inside, a powerful and wonderful thoughts pop in from unknown, empty, and beyond space and therefore most of the discoveries happen on the bank of ocean, water, mountain etc. because you live with pure awareness and relax state same as when we wake up early in the morning with deep relaxation and powerful thoughts pops in our mind but whole night we gone for sleep. Madam Curie wanted to discover something and she put lots of effort and hard work for it but nothing has happened. One night she woke for few seconds and wrote down name (radium and polonium) on the paper and again she slept and it was the discovery in next morning. But remember a thought of discovery or innovation come from hard work too. Lesson is that we need to connect with nature for deep relaxation and then work hard.

Most of the people are living in the dream, goal, ambition etc. and putting lots of hard work and struggle in order to get success but they are creating illusion and separation by wasting their time and energy because they are separating from present moment awareness so how can they live in peace, love, and relaxation by living in the future? They cannot. The more you struggle the more ego kicks in and separate us from the higher self. We need to live here and now and connect with it. Everything comes to you but relax and deeply relax.

Whatsoever things are empty in nature, it always carries the greatest power. Water is empty and transparent in nature and therefore it can heal us moreover it carries the negative ion as well and the more we maintain the content of water inside us the better the health is. Sky is witnessing of everything whatsoever things are happening under it. Clouds appear and disappear but sky is always there in the same way we come in this life for few years and die but sky is witness of everything. Sun and moon are totally empty in nature therefore it carries the maximum power.

Kids live from moment to moment because they live with no mind state or pure present state which is beyond words, actions, and thoughts and they are highly aware, awaken, and innocent.

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