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The Power of Creativity

05 Apr, 2023

The Power of Creativity

Creativity means loving whatever you do, following your heart—enjoying, celebrating, and fun that comes from within without force. It just flows with nature when you are very close to existence. It is the outcome of inner space. Creative people are poets, writers, painters, photographers etc. who are totally merged with existence and bring something new from beyond. They do not need to do any meditation but they are already in meditation. They live in the now while doing any activities. For example, when you are painting or drawing a picture, the more you focus in this moment, the better your creativity is. Just imagine that when you are thinking about wife, kids, work etc. while painting; you cannot depict creativity because you are not there; you are living in the future, and therefore, your creativity can be affected.

Creativity is just noticing, witnessing, and observation of thoughts, but not labeling or judgment of those thoughts. In order to be more creative, you need to be thoughtless means empty of all kinds of thoughts and sitting and doing nothing but witnessing of all thoughts and then you can live from moment to moment. Whatever thoughts may be good or bad, positive or negative, are coming into this moment; just witness them, but do not judge them at all because judgment can take you into the past and the future. We can learn from past mistakes, but don’t dwell on them; then move into the now. The past and the future lose all power of creativity, and we have no control over thinking.

All people are creative but they are lost because they are attached. We just have to know how to tap into it. Creativity comes from creation like earth, moon, sun, nature. The more you connect with it the more creative you become.

Creativity is lost as soon as goals, ambitions, and dreams arise; an ambitious person cannot be creative. Ambitious people do not live in the now, and they do not love any activities either; they just do them to fulfill their desires with force and accomplish a goal for popularity and fame. They put conditions on everything based on give-and- take relationships. Not only that, they have too many attachments and clinging; they are full of planning to get first prize in any competition because they need fame. Their intention is to connect with material attachments and waste every moment of life living in the future; therefore, they are wasting time and energy without any reason. They are teaching the same things to whosoever is connected with them and making others’ lives miserable because they lost their creativity.

Live alone with total freedom is the first sign of creativity which is just like bird who can fly alone in the sky. Creative people are the happiest people because their intention is not to make money but their life is blessed with divine gift.

Discover Creativity and Innovation

When we are fully relaxed and let go of everything, disconnecting with the past and the future, then we can observe that beautiful and wonderful thoughts pop up in our brain from beyond, the empty, and unknown space. It happens because we are in the deeper state of relaxation and let go state where we are completely one with existence. All beautiful things happen in this moment with effortless effort and effort in balance but do not struggle at all. Struggle means fight with ego which do not work. It is the Moment of Discovery Most of the great discoveries happen into this moment. Newton discovered gravitational force by noticing the falling of an apple from the tree. There must have been millions of people before Newton, who had seen the falling of an apple from a tree, but none of them were aware and noticed it, but he just noticed, witnessed, and discovered it. We need to apply this practice in invention. Steve jobs had discovered Apple's innovative products and he used to follow this practice in the form of sitting and doing nothing (Zen Practice). Albert Einstein discovered "The Theory of Relativity" and he was highly spiritual being in terms of mindfulness practice.

Bliss of Intuition

It is instinctive feeling happens in the form of vibration and sensation when you are aligned with soul as you drop body and mind. It is beyond intellect. You can be doctors, accountants at intellect and conscious level but in order to create powerful intuition, you need to be at super conscious level and radiating high energy. It is gut feeling or inner voice that speaks within us in an empty space. Become thoughtless, contentless in order to be more intuitive.

Everybody has capacity for intuition but they are lost because they live with mind and ego but powerful intuition is possible only when you live from heart without conditioning and judgment. Any kind of extraordinary work or discovery can be accomplished only when we are highly intuitive, the way Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein has done it.

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