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Rewiring of Brain Cells with Meditation Practice

07 Jan, 2022

Rewiring of Brain Cells with Meditation Practice

Rewiring of brain cells is also called reprogramming of brain cells. The way we are brought up and installed certain ideas and belief around us since childhood gradually accumulating and forming limiting belief system but it is very difficult to come out of it when we become adult and now we have to rewire our brain cells it means putting new thought and new idea by feed up our brain cells. Instead of thinking negative emotion, we can feed up our brain cells with positivity, love, truth courage etc. by meeting with good people, reading good books, attending workshops, seminars and gradually it can help you to decondition of old thoughts and accepting the new thoughts but it need hard work with persistence, perseverance, and patience with strong determination and gradually you can see that ego, negativity etc. has transcended and you start thinking about love, truth, and courage in order to get alignment with the Universe.

We think that smoking a cigarette brings us relaxation and peace of mind, but it is not. Now, we came to know that meditation helps us to rewire our brain cells and we are feeding our subconscious mind that a cigarette is injurious to health and it can bring lethal consequences. Such kinds of thoughts put into our subconscious mind that can help us to reprogram our brain cells and bring different results. That might even lead to quitting it easily!

Everything keeps on changing. Just think about yourself, when you were a kid and now, you can find that there have lots of changes happened in your life. It is happening on autopilot. We are not aware of it because we live in the thoughts of illusion, dream etc. It depends on where you live, with what kind of people you interact and what kind of food you eat. These are external factors but when we move inside through the power of meditation, we can find that rewiring is taking place on autopilot by shifting your consciousness towards a higher side.

Let me talk about myself. A long time ago when I used to have many negative emotions such as anger, fear, negativity, jealousy etc. gradually I transformed them and kept on moving towards a higher level of consciousness and it happened by adapting new life changes and living with nature and move inside with meditation practice and rewiring of brain cells are taking place on autopilot but we are not aware of it. Step by step it took place and we can witness it as well and finally meditation helps us to dissolve chattering and wandering of the mind.

This brings more awareness to the present moment. It slows down and watches our thoughts with witnessing and brings more clarity and deep understanding to look at the things as they really are. It breaks down our limiting belief system and helps us to move out of the comfort zone. We feel happier in our comfort zone and therefore we do not want to go an extra mile but meditation breaks the inner wall and releases limiting beliefs and takes us to infinite possibilities and help us to moves out of comfort zone. You can contact us at for learning more.