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Positive Affirmation

02 Mar, 2022

Positive Affirmation

Affirmation means repeating the same thoughts over and over again and at least 100 times every day and finally, you become whatsoever you are repeating. It is much more powerful because you are affirming within and everything is energy whatever you put out, you are getting pulled towards it because like attracts like and finally negative thinking pattern change into positive thinking pattern in order to get rid of an addiction because you are reinforcing and influencing your conscious mind to think positive. It can be used to re-program your thought patterns and break down your limiting belief system and make you more open and reprogram your subconscious mind.

By repeating positive statements within every day, finally it creates mental images in subconscious mind and it changes your habits, attitude, and reactions, and even change your outer world because outer world is reflection of inside, therefore whatever thoughts we put in our subconscious mind we need to be much more careful because each thought is energy and frequency which goes to the Universe and bring similar result in our life. If you want to attract beautiful people in your life, you need to repeat it within your selves that I want to attract beautiful soul in my life, repeat it every day over and over again and a situation created by whatsoever reason that the negative people get away from you and you keep on attracting beautiful people. It may take time but it happens finally. But be persistent, perseverance, and patience in your thoughts. It depends upon how powerful and strong velocity your thoughts with great momentum you are holding and feeding your subconscious mind as well.

It is a part of creative visualization practice as well. Most of the people cannot hold such kind of thoughts for longer period of time in their subconscious mind and therefore they fail to do it. One of my client, who was looking for a beautiful wife and I told him that when you sleep, put another pillow beside your pillow and leave the sleeping space open for her and repeat this action over and over again and create strong intention that you are going to attract a beautiful soul and finally after few months it manifested exactly he wanted.

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