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Mindfulness Meditation

04 Mar, 2022

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is to pay attention, slow down, and watch our thoughts without any judgment. We can respond but not react at all. It is the way to live in the present moment awareness and bring our awareness to breath. It does not matter how much busy or occupy with our mind having many thoughts but bring our awareness back to the breath is our practice.

Move from Gap to Gap

Another meaning of meditation practice is to observe or witness the gap within us. Awareness of the gap between two thoughts or words can help us to connect with existence, is also called meditative gap. This is the same gap between outbreath or inbreath during breathing process. This gap helps us to pay attention, slow down, and watch out our thoughts. Anything, which goes faster than this gap cannot make you mindful. Suppose, if you are working in fast pace situation, still you need to take an awareness of gap between two actions in order to raise the productivity.

We are busy with mind through useless thoughts so we forget to create an awareness of gap between two thoughts. Have you ever noticed that you can pass the road from one end to another end when you get empty space? Yes, it is same as when we are connected with many thoughts inside us and we cannot pass by but when we get empty of thoughts, we can pass easily from one gap to another gap. We need to witness this gap.

Did you ever notice that there are many free spaces in the Universe where many stars are twinkling? Connect with them and keep watching them continuously or witness them and you become stars because you absorbed the total light of stars in deep awareness. This is also meditation practice.

It does not matter how busy you are, wherever you are or whatsoever activities you are doing, you need to be mindful in every moment. Be relax and enjoy in the moment and then you can do any kind of activity but totally absorbed and celebrate each and every moment. Make every activity as a meditation practice.

Meditation in Activity of Daily living When you take a sip of tea, you are already there with awareness means fully present and enjoy with taste and flavor of tea because you are present in each and every step for preparation of tea and moreover you are mindful and it can heal your body but on the other hand, if you prepare tea with living in the past and future may be you can drop the utensil or you can burn your tongue when you take hot tea inside and definitely it is not a taste of awareness, moreover it brings pain and suffering because you put the moments of past and future in preparation of it. When you play with music, how beautifully you are playing with guitar, and completely merge with the existence; you are tuned with it completely. There is no difference between guitar and you and you become music and wall or separation between them is dissolved.

Live with Awareness

Do everything with awareness. Hurt a person with awareness and you can find that you not going to hurt any more. Love a person with awareness and you can feel that you start loving more and it gets stronger. If you are doing a sex with awareness and you can find that your life is going to be blissful. Awareness means take enough time in every step of each activity and deep relaxation in order to look at the things with clarity. For example, smoking a cigarette. As soon as you keep on watching every step with awareness, you are no longer going to smoke a cigarette. As you light it with a matchstick, you can see that you are adding fire to the cigarette and finally you are inhaling carbon oxide inside which creates lung cancer, disease, and coughing which is dangerous for our health.

Awareness means be slow and watch out every activity with a gap or pause in between so that you can observe it with full clarity and witness inside that how it is bringing you close to death when you continue smoking a cigarette. Not only that, we are wasting time, energy, and money in addition to this. Therefore, why cannot we use the same amount of money for juice, soup, and vegetables which can help us with a healthy nutrition. Be alert, relaxed, and conscious of every activity. Showering is a Meditation Practice As soon we go for showering, just witness how every drop of water on the surface of the skin is affecting the inside and releasing our toxins, healing our soul and transcending anger, fear, negative emotion as well. Moreover, water is full of negative ions which can absorb all our negativity and make us fresh, rejuvenated, and relaxed too. It is cleansing our body and rediscovering ourselves who we really are. Take a shower for a longer period of time every day and you can see that water affects very positively. Your inner cells are full of water and you become the water and water has a maximum power to heal everything.



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