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How to attract Happiness

04 Mar, 2023

How to attract Happiness

The more you share the more you grow. Sharing is needed. Share your compassion and forgiveness in the form of feeling, intention, and thoughts to others in order to be happy. Words are secondary. The more you share the more you get in return because like attracts like. Whatever you share that always grow. If you share pain to others that also grow.


Release your inner resistance by let go of worries & anxieties in order to accept this present moment awareness. Count & focus on your blessing and have appreciation of what you have than what you do not have in order to attract more. Better to celebrate & embrace this present moment awareness, just for an example enjoying with sunshine, fresh air etc. instead of fighting and struggling with useless thoughts of past or future.


As long as you connect with this moment, you are already connected with divine power in autopilot and they take care of it. Whatever they bring for you it is always the best because you are align with their frequency. Bring your awareness back to the breath to keep you here in the now is our practice.


Learn how to move beyond pain


We need to accept changes. Yes, there is fear attached with it. We need to move beyond comfort zone. Everything is moving. There is nothing fixed in our life. Accept the flow. We need to accept all changes whether it is positive or negative. Never struggle or fight with any changes. Embrace it. Just witness and observe it without any reaction. Be observer. Let the thoughts pass by but never judge or label any kinds of thoughts whether it positive or negative. You can witness that all negative thoughts keep on dissolving itself because you are not giving attention and energy to it. Never hold any grudges or carrying the past. Accept and let go of it.


 Happiness is already inside you but you are looking in outside world. Outside world is full of distraction & an illusion of separation where nothing is real. Everything is deceptive in nature. People are looking for many houses, cars etc. but it is waste of time and energy. Yes, we need basic things like single house, shelter, good food etc. We need to conserve and save our energy for self-discovery and self-investigation where we can find true happiness. Happiness is the balance spiritualism and materialism. 


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