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Embrace the Power Of Nature

04 Mar, 2022

Embrace the Power Of Nature

Nature is formless, limitless, boundless & infinite. It is higher self or true self & vibrate at the highest level. It brings everything in your life but we create obstacle or barrier to prevent this by living with ego.


Nature transcend ego

As we know that nature is always available to us like water, sunlight, mountain, air etc. First of all, we must have gratitude for this because it is the gift of nature. We are here because of the nature moreover our each & every body part is full of nature. Secondly, we must be available to the nature & It is only possible when we try to open our self by transcending ego or moving to the center of being from the circumference or working through heart than brain or living in the present moment than past or future.
We have too much ego & living superficially which create barrier inside to prevent the power of nature. Because what you have inside that comes outside & outside reflection is part of inside reflection.


Force Create Resitance 

Life is just like flow of water in river or ocean. In another way, never put any great effort or  hard work but live effortlessly effort or totally relax in the moment but surrender & only surrender is needed because all effort is useless or futile. It has nothing to do with you innermost being, whatever you had expected from the nature, they would give you millions of times more, may be when you ask for one flower, they would give you millions of it. All efforts or hard work are superficial. It cannot reach to the center of being where the whole power is there. 

Become one with the nature

If you want to access that energy, just be there with thoughtlessness awareness by creating stillness inside. It means everything which is useless would disappear like inner noises, distraction or all movements but only inner most being is there. Everything can be dissolved even (you or she or I) then only you can reach to higher level of consciousness & this is the point where you get deeply connected with nature.  You can feel blissful there is a tremendous joy with the freshness, aliveness, & beauty of nature bring everything in your life, you could feel the greenery of tree inside, there is a wave of ocean moving inside & your whole body filled with sun light. 

Your whole body get transformed with light & love. The wall between you & nature completely dissolved, you are totally free there is nothing two, but you become one with nature.

The most important point to receive the power of nature is to be honest, truthful & courageous. Nature is always honest with you because it is totally pure. We make them pollution with fumes, cutting trees or putting garbage on the sea etc. 

Is there anybody who can suffer from any deadly disease who are deeply connected with nature. Never, because nature is fresh, alive & carry the higher power to heal any wound. It does not matter how much science has improved but I can assure that nature can heal evertyhing.

Nature wants you to be silent, calm, or relax.

Does sun speaks to you? No, does tree talk to you? No, does water speak to you? No, but remember important things that we cannot live without them, because it carry the highest power to heal everything, therefore nature wants you to be silent, calm like them because when you become silent & still you become like sun, you become like water or trees which has ample power, you could be as powerful as them. Buddha & Jesus Christ were silent throughout their lives but they used to heal the people by touch or few words.

Deep transformation is only possible by the nature.

People read many books & they keep on reading book but nothing happens because they are stuck into intellectual gamble. When you read too many books or scriptures you developed too much ego because you are working through mind not by the heart or you are not opening your heart, leads into fall of illusion or separation that stops your inner growth & development. When you read a history of discoverer, you would find that none of them read many books but they discovered everything because they were deeply connected with the nature. Newton discovered the gravitational force by noticing of falling of apple from the tree.

Whatever you are learning from the nature that is yours’s, at this point you can create miracle, wonder. You can be great discoverer or explorer. It is better to unlearn whatever you have learnt from the books or scripture. Garbage all knowledge because you have borrowed it from someone else. Try to create your knowledge by getting connected with nature. 

Most of the discoverer used to live in the deep forest, mountains, or nearby ocean. Have you ever read book on the bank of ocean? When you read it , your imagination got immense, powerful & unlimited because there is no blocks, building, or houses. Your ideas or views or approach towards any things become widespread & crystal clear. Your reading must be bliss because you are absorbed with nature & you can discover or explore more.

What happens when you live nearby ocean, river & lake, there is pure transparent natural water . When we continually watch out it, the precipitation of that water goes inside & purify thought process exactly like water. Same things happen when you live with garden, park, or trees the whole greenery, aliveness & freshness of trees goes inside & make us like that & that is the beauty & bounty of nature. 

Nature is beyond everything

We spend whole life in earning money & ends up in frustration because we are more connected with material needs, but problems come out when we forgot true self or higher self which is already within us & this innermost being cannot be discovered by material things but it can be explored by deeply connected with nature which bring inner peace. People keep on making material satisfaction by forgetting themselves who they are, because they are living superficially where all attractions are distraction but they forget the true being, such people suffer badly in the later part of life because they cannot discover true self. It is better to balance our life which means, we must have basic necessity to fulfill our basic requirement but we must not put whole effort to earn material richness. It is better to live with rocks, mountain, water or trees which give you bliss & happiness that is far beyond all satisfaction.

Nature destroys conditioning of mind

The people who live with mind they cannot live with nature because mind means thinking & the property of mind is chattering & wandering , they always think for the past or future than living in present & another property of mind is to make judgement or labeling , for example when they look at the trees , they say it is green or yellow one (when leaves are dried up) they cannot enjoy with the beauty of trees as a whole because they are judging it.

Another example, when they watch out the water they say that it is white or bluish water but they cannot enjoy with the beauty of water as a whole it means their mind is judging because they cannot see the things as they are or they are conditioning or programming their mind because they are not connected with nature moreover they lost in the universe . Therefore, it is better to deconditioned or deprogrammed our mind by deeply connected with nature.

Meditation is always in autopilot when you connect with nature

You do not need to sit like this or that. It is useless to talk about chanting mantra or having in transcendental state. Meditation is nothing but living with nature in a thoughtlessness awareness. Breath connect us with nature because breathe is a life force energy. 

Universe is a great infinite library where all kinds of books are available, you could learn everything without reading books but you need to know how to connect with nature. Breath is twenty-four hours therefore you need to be aware & focus on breath that is more important.

We are dependent on nature

Trees breathe carbon dioxide & leave oxygen but we take oxygen. What happens when trees are not there, our life cannot be possible so how precious trees are? Everything shares on the planet whether they are living or non-living thing. Can we live without sun? No, It give us light which is useful.

Blissful people who are in nature whole life

The people who live with nature, their energy is highly creative with different kind like fisherman, wood cutter, farmers, sailor etc. They are really unique people because they always connected with water, trees, mountain, ocean, river etc. They are really fresh, trustworthy, honest & authentic people because they spend whole life with the beauty or greenery or freshness of nature therefore they consciousness level is higher and richer, they are very active. They eat only fresh fruits or vegetables it means they take vitamins or mineral directly from the nature that is why they are healthier & stronger because they live on nature. Their thought process is much more clear. 

Beauty of nature

One can enjoy with beauty of nature when we dance, we deeply absorbed in the dancing movement so that dancer lost his identity & there is no dancer but only beautiful dancing is happening in the movement. That is the beauty of nature.

Another example-When you deeply engrossed in listening to good music, deep absorption takes place. You forget about yourself; you are drowned in the sweet sound of music started living in the present and you experience the moment of peace all around you & experience beauty of nature. 

Same process while singing, when you sing, you forget about yourself that you are singing, but deeply absorbed in sweet melody of singing & you become one with singing, here singer become singing & in that moment you feel the beauty of nature, you can feel bliss. This happens because you are in the nature & nature is in you.

Conspiracy of nature

We cannot see our true reflection in running water. It is only seen in still water. Our mind works like water, it runs in waves of thoughts not allowing us to see the truth. Once you calm your mind into stillness you could see the truth exactly as it is.

A quiet mind is all you need. All else will happen rightly. Sometimes people come in our life to share his thought & go, I think it is because of the secret of nature, sometimes nature may connect with wrong person but when you are right, you can see that right things will happens to you. It is just because of the conspiracy of nature.

Everything keep on moving like earth moves on, the sun moves on, the stars move on because you are looking outside but something within you that never moves on that is eternally eternal which is still deeply connect with nature. The question comes, how can we reach to that point? One can reach only when we are in state of stillness.

Life becomes blissful only through the heart, never through the mind. Mind creates logic, science, intellectual gamble, ego, duality but the heart creates real & ultimate values: love, bliss, truth, freedom, awareness, compassion & kindness & a life without these values is valueless. It is the secret & mystery of nature. 


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