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Bliss of Courage

05 Apr, 2023

Bliss of Courage


Courage comes from a word cor, which means, heart. Right meaning of courage is to live with the heart and heart means love, surrender, and trust. Courage does not mean to live in fearlessness but rather presence of all fears but have the ability and courage to overcome it. Courage teaches us how to live in unknown and insecurity. Only honest and truthful people can have courage because their heart is like kids who are alert, awake, and aware in every moment therefore in order to become courageous we need to be child again by transcending our ego. It is okay to live in safety shore but one beautiful thing is missing that is adventure. Courage is to live on dangerous path but life is dangerous, and only cowards can avoid the danger because they live in known and comfort zone such as doctors, engineers, accountant etc. and they put logic, reasoning, and aptitude, and conditioning in every activity and therefore they lost creativity and discovery because they follow and depend on others although they play significant role. Coward listens to fear and follow them but courageous people ignore it.


A person who is alive, lonely, truthful will always move into the unknown. They are discoverer and explorer like Columbus who discovered America, such kinds of people are beautiful people because they never know what would happen in the next moment but they still put total time and energy on it and finally they conquered their life. Although there is danger but they are risking their life for unknown. Thomas Edison had discovered bulb at the age of 65 years although he failed 900 times and we are living here because of him. How courageous he would have been. The heart is always ready to the risk not the mind. Make your life adventure and develop the ability to take calculate risk because life is gamble and only gambler know what life for is, but most of the people end up their life by doing monotonous work for 30 to 40 yrs. and retire afterwards and they are burden on the earth because they lost the ability to move into unknown and insecurity. They are like sheep that live in crowd but they are coward and they cannot be lion because lion move alone with great courage.


Courage is to break our limiting belief system and deconditioning of our mind. For example, when we are trying to quit smoking, our subconscious mind forces us to smoke again and again and we do it on and off, may be for the time we stop smoking but again we restart it but when we develop the immense courage then we can stop it forever. In many religious place, priest force us to read religious books, scriptures etc. and limit our belief system that you have to follow this or that which is not the truth but it takes immense courage to come out that belief system. Another meaning of courage is to move inside or look within. People have courage to climb on the mountain or going into ocean but that is not courage, real courage is to dissolve the superficial layer in the form of ego (attachment, duality, clinging) and move inside to discover who we really are. We must accept all changes which is happening in our life otherwise life would be standstill or stagnant. Life is just like flow of water in river or ocean but not like water in the pond. Water in pond has no power at all because it gets dirty and stinky after certain period of time because it has no outlet but when we live with current of water in river or ocean we become like that which means we become one with existence.


The more we live with old thoughts, idea etc. the more we get polluted therefore we must release it into the Universe and brings new thoughts and idea which can raise our energy level. I have seen many people do similar kind of job throughout their whole life and they finished themselves because they do not want to accept new challenges because they do not want to changes themselves therefore they are not one with existence and they cannot explore and discover the true purpose of life. They have lost courage to accept new challenges moreover they want to live in known and comfort zone but the right meaning of life is to live in unknown and out of comfort zone. They live with fear, anger, and many negative emotions. Try to face and accept challenges again and again with the help of courage to overcome it, although there is too much fear, gradually you notice that all fear starts disappearing.


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