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Practice and Cultivate Compassion

04 Mar, 2021

Practice and Cultivate Compassion

Compassion and love are the intrinsic quality of human being but we are not aware of it. When you hurt a person, you can hurt with awareness and you can notice that you are not hurting them at all and it is converted into compassion. Same way if you hate a person, hate with awareness and you can find that cloud of hate is not anymore.

If you love a person, love with awareness and you notice that your love is getting stronger. Awareness is the outcome of compassion. Compassion is the core of meditation practice. It is the act of forgiving our self and others as well with kindness. If a person is in anger, fear etc. you can request them to practice compassion and you notice that fragrance of anger is not any more. It is the ultimate gift with everyone but we are lost because we live in outside world with mind and ego and start judging and labeling. It does not come immediately but over the time period when we consider everything is one and we start connecting with higher source of energy with meditation practice, it always manifest. It arises when we think that everything is energy and our life is temporary so there is no point to hurt others so how can we hurt others when they are in me and I am in them because we are one. It helps to understand the problem of others within us. As soon as we start moving inside we notice that something is arising within us and we need to witness it and we can find that we are more than physical body.

Compassion arises when we transcend ego The final purpose of meditation practice is to create compassion. You can connect with higher power or creator only when we are more compassionate and then soul speak through us. As long as you have ego you cannot have compassion. The root cause of suffering is attachment. We are beyond physical body but we are lost in the mind or ego and consider we are powerful or superior which separate us from higher self. Look at the eyes of each other through which are connected. Ego try to bring attachment and it is the obstacle on the path of meditation practice.

The more you have useless thoughts the more ego comes in because you are not living in the now moreover you are struggling or fighting with many thoughts so you cannot create a fragrance of compassion. We need to feed our soul with compassion and self-love and then you can attract abundance, happiness, and joy. Without it, our life is miserable. Most of the people try to understand the soul at the level of words, books, scriptures etc. It never comes through it rather it creates more obstacle. It comes when you are in dancing, singing, painting etc. it means you are bringing something from beyond in the form of compassion. Hate cannot be transcended by hate but love and compassion are needed. People talk about love, compassion etc. in fact they carry more hate within therefore they create conflicts and not happy.

People live with logical and reasoning skill and they miss the higher power because they try to be more calculative and use brain and again they miss it. It is better to live with heart and connect at the level of soul in the form of energy and then you can have more compassion because we are one at the deeper level. As soon as we raise our frequency, vibration, energy with compassion practice we can dissolve other’s negative emotion within us.

We are deeply interconnected with one another at the level of soul but we are not able to know about it because we live with mind and ego which create judgment and separation. Ego connect to body and mind which is obstacle on the path of compassion therefore we need to do meditation in order to dissolve ego. Love yourself as much as you can, so that you do not need to love others, the deeper your love the more you can understand the fragrance of soul.

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