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Peace Manifest Happiness

05 Apr, 2023

Peace Manifest Happiness

Most of us are looking for happiness. Happiness and unhappiness are state of mind. When you are looking for happiness, you attract more unhappiness. All expectation leads into frustration. You would have experienced it many times in your life. It is the way how we look at the things. As long you are chasing happiness, you are connected with dreams, goals, ambitions, desires etc. and you cannot be happy because these are limitless and endless. When you try to satisfy one desire, next desire comes out. You keep on following and chasing in them continuously. People are looking for happiness in sex and money too. Yes, it is somewhat needed because it is a part of life. Use it as utility. But when we overindulge in these activities we attract more pain and suffering at the end. It is an illusion of separation. We need to balance between materialism and spiritualism.


Hugging and cuddling are the important exercises to release oxytocin hormone which raise our frequency and vibration. We can dissolve our ego and connect at deeper level where exchanges of energy take place and we become one. All illusion and separating mind get dissolved. We feel more loved and compassion.


As soon as you attain higher degree of peace by meditation practice, you are no longer control by thoughts of happiness or unhappiness and then you would be happier, content, and satisfied because you are living with no expectation. You start accepting everything with deep gratitude whether it is good or bad & you can attract what you want. Peace means you are in tune with higher existence and they would take care of it. You are emitting higher frequency and vibration to the Universe and like attracts like. Another meaning of peace is to live with no resistance and higher degree of compassion and love.


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