Transcends Fear

How to Transcends Fear

Transcends Fear

Fear is negative emotion which take place when we live with many useless thoughts and not living in the moment or something that has happened in the past & we keep on thinking about it and it creates fear into this moment. Fear happens when are not able to discover who we really are by living on the circumference. The more we attached with the thoughts of clinging, attachment, and desire the more fear we can attract. Living with mind create more fear and the more we judge and label the thoughts the more fear we can therefore in order to transcend the fear we need to live with heart and whatever emotion arises we have to witness them and fear is no more.

Fear aware you with false perception. It arises when we are uncertain, doubtful and afraid of losing our job or money, for example when students prepare for the examination, they think that they might fail in the examination because they are fearful, it does not matter how much intelligent or smarter they are & finally they fail because fear empowered them & it comes either from the past or future.

As we know that we go for 65,000 thoughts everyday but most of the thoughts are useless, unproductive, or delusional. The more we have such kinds of thoughts, the greater amount of fear appear in our life, it is better to reduce the amount of fear by focusing on breath.

The greatest fear is the fear of death. All other fears are secondary. Most of the students are fear of failure, that is why they fail in the examination. There is something which holding them back in their life that makes them unsuccessful. It is the greatest obstacles on the path of human growth & development.

Two Kinds of Fear. One is Positive & Another One is Negative

1- Positive fear is that, if you do not study hard, you cannot pass the examination. It means you have fear of failure that you cannot pass the examination until you work hard therefore you have to study & prepare well. This is called positive fear. You cannot be good doctor if you do not study much, that is why you study too much in order to be a good doctor so, there is a fear attached with you which is called positive fear.

Everybody fail but there are some people who consider, it is the opportunity to learn, grow, & evolve. Fear of failure leads to success because it helps you to move to next level & discover your hidden potential.

2- Negative fear is that, you cannot pass the examination it does not matter how much you work hard, it is unproductive fear which is worst because it brings negativity & darkness in your life. It impairs your wisdom & knowledge because you are connected with negative mental attitude.

When you are going for self-entrepreneurship, there is a fear of failure that you cannot be successful because negative fear taking control of you & ruin everything in your life, maybe you are not going to take risk or you got discourage to start business because you are moving into future.

Never try to fight with fear and just bring courage, love, & focus on breath then there is no fear. It is same like darkness you cannot fight with it but you need to bring light in then there is no darkness.

If fear arises, accept it but never conflict with it otherwise the problems would be more complex, you can understand it only by experiencing moving down into the center of being but as soon as you live on circumference you are full of ego & ego creates all fear because ego is attached with us.

All desire comes from attachment & finally attachment create fear, for example when you have many material desires, you would try to satisfy it by focus your energy level on to it by missing the innermost being because you are living superficially with all distraction & you spend whole life on the circumference therefore you cannot move into the center of being moreover you are lost outside ends up creating too much fear.

So, whenever fear comes to you, don’t suppress it or move away. Let it happens with full intensity because it teaches you the depth of fear, may be first time you may tremble, shake, & perspire because you have not experienced it before. Witness of it and watch it with awareness, face it boldly with great courage, encounter it by moving deep down into the centre of fear. Gradually you can see that eyes become clear, the more your awareness becomes alert, and awake. Never judge or label it at all and finally the fear will disappear like a cloud in the sky. And once fear disappears, you are already there with total presence.

Fear happens because we are in lack of self-love or It is just an absence of love. Therefore, we need to create self-love. A question come why cannot we put same energy for love? As soon as we put same energy for love the fear is no more because a shift of energy take place or we must pay more attention to love.

Just imagine that when you are robbed by robbers, if he put the gun on your head, what would you do? You have to accept this moment fully in order to remain in the present moment and act wisely to protect yourself from him though there is a fear that he might kill you. On the other hand, when we are not accepting this moment fully and do not surrender to robbers, there may be argument or conflict. It means you are not in present situation, and it may end with fighting and bad consequences. When we make argument with him, it means, we have already in past or future and as we know, when a person lives in the past, there is always fear, pain, or suffering. So, it might be that he can shoot or harm you so it is better live now with awareness to get rid of fear.

Meditation can overcome fear. It discovers who you are really are, as soon you know who you really are then there is no fear because it teaches you actuality into potentiality & fear is present when we live superficially. The best ways to dissolve fear is to have a deep connection with trees, the rivers, the mountains, the stars — the whole Universe. All are the part of nature which can transform our lives. Take the whole beauty & bounty of nature inside you, then you can reach to centre  of being where fear is no more.

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