Stress-Free Life

Stress free life

Stress-Free Life

Stress arises from useless and unproductive thoughts that come from living in the past or future. For example, if I would be thinking about my wife, getting into a relationship with someone else at work, it would create doubt and confusion wherever I am, ending up in stress because I am thinking without any proper reason by disconnecting with this moment but we can reduce and develop powerful focused thoughts through the way of meditation practice and a deep connection with the nature of a mountain, rock, ocean, river etc. in order to get rid of stress. Create a great space within to dissolve all these kinds of stresses as well.

Stress also happens when we have too many endless desires in the form of attachments. We are thinking to satisfy all desire, which is impossible. As soon as we satisfy one desire, the next desire comes up. We are living in an outside world and we can not look within because all attachments push us outside and finally, we lose our true selves in order to satisfy them and we are not able to know who we really are, and stress comes out at the end in the form of anger, frustration, and fear.

It comes out from overworking in an industry sector when you get too much pressure from work. Taking a few focused relaxed breaths is our practice instead of getting irritated and putting anger on someone else.

Stress also happens when we are not able to handle a situation because we have been living a wrong pattern of life.

Day and night shift changes affect our physical and mental health because of changes in the biological clock and finally, stress comes out. Unwanted thoughts create tensions, worries, and anxieties, which come from the past or thinking about future planning, job, career etc. Stress has nothing to do with the outside. It has something to do with the inside but we blame outside factors. It also takes place when something has happened in the past, related to some incident in the form of anxiety interfering with the present moment which causes stress. We are thinking about the future related to career, job, and business that create stress as well. It decreases our productivity.

It does not matter how much stressed out you are. All stress can be dissolved when you focus on the awareness of the breath as I discussed before. You must practice it wherever you are, maybe in your office, house, and playground.

The more we take oxygenated air, the more we get rid of stress because oxygenated air filters our ill thoughts and rejuvenates our life.

Energy Conservation Technique

Whatever you do, if you take relax breaths after a certain interval, it would add great value to your work. I like writing books but it is not like that I keep on writing for a longer period of time but I need to take a relaxed and deep breath at a certain period of time and then I can bring up good productive thoughts, which can reduce stress and increase the productivity level and I can enjoy my work as well. You can save your energy level because you are regaining your energy after a certain period of time and then use it for the right purpose, which is also called energy conservation technique.

 Time Management Skill

 You need to prioritize your work. We know that time is limited for everyone and we have to do too much work in a day, therefore, we need to calculate our time for every work. Just for an example, we must have spare time in the morning for meditation at least ten minutes every day then we can start other tasks because it is very important. It can calm and settle down our mind to make things more organized and efficient.

60 to 70 percent of diseases are caused by too much stress. Cardiac disease, ulcer etc. are examples of it.