Nature is Teacher

Nature is teacher

Nature is Teacher

Nature is formless, limitless, boundless, and infinite. The people who live with nature, their energy is highly creative like a fisherman, woodcutter, sailor etc. They are really unique people because they are deeply connected with water, trees, ocean, river etc. therefore they are honest, truthful, and trustworthy in nature.

In order to get connected with nature, just be relaxed and totally relax into this moment by surrendering. Only surrender is needed because all effort is useless. It has nothing to do with your innermost being, you can get everything in your life whatever you had expected from nature. Nature would give you millions of times more when you ask it for one flower. As we know that nature is always available to us in the form of water, sunlight, mountains, air etc. First of all, we must have gratitude for it because it is the gift of nature. We are here because of it.

Nature is beyond everything. We spend our whole life earning money and end up frustrated because we are more connected to material needs. Problems arise when we forget our true or higher self which is already within us. This innermost being can’t be discovered by material desires but it can be discovered only through a connection with nature.

Nature destroys the conditioning of the mind

The people who live with a mind, they can´t live with nature because mind means thinking and the property of the mind is chattering and switching from one thought to the next. The mind thinks of the past and future and another property of the mind is to judge or label. For example, when they look at the trees, they say it is green (yellow when the leaves are dried up) they can´t enjoy the beauty of the trees as a whole because they are judging them but as soon as they get connected with nature, the mind dissolves into no mind. It means nature deconditions and deprograms our mind and they just watch and observe the leaves as they really are without any judgment.

We depend on nature

Trees take carbon dioxide and leave oxygen, which we take for our life. What happens when trees are not there? Our life isn’t possible, see how precious trees are. Everything on this planet is connected whether they are living or non-living things. Can we live without the sun? No, it gives us light which is useful.

The beauty of nature

One can enjoy the beauty of nature. When you are deeply engrossed in listening to good music, you are deeply absorbed in the process. You forget about yourself, you are drowned in the sweet sound of music start living in the moment and you can experience the moment of peace and beauty of nature around you. The same process takes place while singing. When you sing, you forget about yourself that you are singing and are deeply absorbed in a sweet melody of singing and you become one with singing. Here a singer becomes singing and at that moment you can feel bliss and inner joy.

The conspiracy of nature

People enter our lives to share their thoughts and they leave again. I think this happens because of the secret of nature. Nature may connect you with the wrong person but when you are right, right things would happen to you. It is just because of the conspiracy of nature. Everything keeps on moving like the earth moves on, the sun moves on, the stars move on because you are looking outside but there is something within you that never moves on, which is eternal and it gets deeply connected with nature. The question comes, how can we reach that point? It is only through deep connection with nature.

Life becomes blissful only through the heart because it is directly connected with nature but never through the mind. The mind creates logic, science, intellectual, gamble, ego, duality but the heart creates love, bliss, truth, freedom, awareness, compassion, and kindness. It is the secret and mystery of nature.