Look Deep into Nature

look into nature

Look Deep into Nature

Everything is autopilot in nature. There is no resistance but everything flows just like water flows in the river. Our life must be like that but we create resistance in the form of ego by living in the thoughts of worry, anxiety, memory, dream, goal etc. We live with many ambitions and expectations and we are wasting our time and energy to accomplish it by missing this beautiful moment. As soon as we connect with nature such as rock, mountain, water etc. it keeps on dissolving the thoughts of past and future. The nature exists with high vibration and frequency and it helps us to live in this moment.

Let the thoughts come and go no matter how beautiful it is but we are witnessing it whether it is good or bad thoughts. Problems happen when we start judging and labeling the thoughts and then we can get disconnected therefore we need to let go of all kinds of thoughts and surrender totally with huge trust within ourselves and accept every moment with deep gratitude no matter whether it is painful or blissful, whatever existence bring for us we have to accept it but we start fighting, struggling, and obsessing with these thoughts because we are lacking the trust within ourselves and not connected with the power of nature and live with logic, reasoning, calculation etc.

Romance with Nature

Purity of love come with deep connection of nature. Go and hug the trees and play with sprinkle of water on your face and feel the freshness of it. Go and live with sunshine and chirping of the birds and sit on the rock and enjoy with the wave of ocean and see the current of river and get lost in them deeply and profoundly and there is no difference between you and ocean wave and gradually you can see the whole wave of ocean moved inside you and you become the wave of ocean and then enlightenment happened, this is the best meditation practice. Look at the stars and become absorbed the light of stars completely within you and you become stars and stars become you and there is no wall between them and the wall is dissolved and gradually you can see that whole light of stars moved inside you because we are witnessing it and finally we become light, love, and compassion. Hug the trees and become trees and trees become you and merge and absorbed with them completely at the deeper level because we are one.

Technology Separates Us from Nature

We are using technology such as mobile phone, laptop etc. which separates us from true nature therefore tension, depression, sadness arises in us. The core of being is to live with nature. Each cell of body part is made of nature and it likes to connect much more with nature in order to be happy and satisfy our body, mind, and soul. We must use technology for limited use. We must encourage our kids to play outdoor games and go and connect with nature rather than using technology because technology disconnects us with positive emotion and separates us from parents. As soon as they play with outdoor game or do exercise, there is dissipation of physical energy and mental energy which is needed to outlet of old energy and gain of fresh energy for remaining healthy life. Now a day, especially in Information and technology sector, most of the people are facing problems because they are using computer always and therefore tension, depression, anger, fear etc. are happening. I deal with many clients of IT sectors and they have similar kinds of problems and sometimes they commit suicide because of severe depression specially the higher executive moreover they live with highly stressful life.

Nature is Full of Oxygen and Negative Ion

Take morning walk and connect with oxygenated air to dissolve all kind of useless thoughts and connect with negative ion as well with water or breeze in order to get rid of chattering and wandering of mind and feel us energetic and recharging with new energy. The problem happens when we live with mind and too many useless thoughts because we are lacking oxygen and negative ion and we live with judgment and labeling of thoughts as well.

When anger or fear happens then we need to connect more with water because it cleanses our toxic.