Hope brings Light

Hope brings light

A Ray of Hope brings Light

Everything keeps on changing from time to time or from moment to moment because life is impermanent. Pain comes and happiness goes and it keeps on moving. Whenever we encounter negativity or darkness in our life, we may not lose our hope because the next moment is the moment of happiness. When we have a right intention, there is always a ray of hope waiting for us and it has to come finally but we are fearful and limited by closed belief system and start looking for closed door moreover we do not have huge trust within ourselves. At the same time, there are millions of beautiful doors are opening for you but we are so busy and occupied to look at the closed door that we miss beautiful doors and waste time and energy for closed doors, finally we lose the rays of hope and attract more negativity but I can challenge that when you are honest with right intention it does not matter how much is the intensity of darkness you have, there is always a ray of hope prevent you from falling down.

We need to understand the true meaning of life by experiencing positivity and negativity and then our life can be accomplished. Both are needed for evolution. We label them that it is positive or negative but it is same. It is neither positive nor negative it means we need to go beyond duality and become one with all experiences and finally there is no pain or suffering, it gets disappeared. 

When something negative happen, we can call it negative but again we can remain same in both experiences whether it is positive or negative and we need to go beyond them by accepting every moment with total surrender. As soon as we accept the moment there is no negative, whatever comes we need to accept it and as soon as we keep on accepting every moment, all negativity is no more but people start fighting and obsessing with such kind of negative thoughts energy and they try to give more power and attention to it and finally they get pulled towards it and attract more negative, therefore if negative happens let it happens but accept it with total surrender but never fight with negative thoughts and whatever higher power brings for us, we can accept it with deep gratitude. if you have such kinds of right intention and powerful thought energy, again a ray of hope is giving you tremendous energy and you are overcoming pain and suffering also. It is my experience and it took place several times with me and believe me it works with everyone and that is my final message.