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The Power of Meditation

This program helps you to improve focus and attention. It also helps to settle down your thoughts and bring clarity, decrease distraction, and improve productivity. It makes your mind less busy and brings peace which enhances decision-making skills. It supports to transcend the ego and breaks down limiting belief systems and rewires the brain cells. It helps you to recharge your battery. It creates compassion and self- Love and transcends stress as well.

Health and Wellness

We are very busy in our lives and pay very less attention to health and wellness. This is one aspect why relationship problems, stress, anger etc. happen. We do not have time to share our feelings and emotions with a family member. This imbalance can seriously affect the life and work harmony. This course is designed for everyone who strives for health and well-being. This includes physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being. This way you can enjoy life to your fullest potential.

Transcend Stress & Anxiety

Lack of a work-life balance is one of the reasons for stress. We lead a poor lifestyle and also create financial stress. We never prioritize our work. Our programs help to live a stress-free life assisted by time management skills. Work is prioritized and enriched with regular breaks to raise the productivity level. We guide them about how to disconnect from technology. Overthinking in the form of useless thoughts leads to anxiety. Our program helps them to live in the present moment awareness to overcome worries.

Bliss of Mindfulness

This course allows you to enhance performance and productivity. It reduces stress and increases mental well-being. It dissolves negative emotions such as jealousy, hate, anger etc. in order to develop a better relationship with mutual respect, high self- esteem, and love between coworkers and management which leads to higher productivity in the organization. This course enables you to slow down, pay attention, and watch your thoughts. It also reduces judgment or labeling of the thoughts and teaches us to live with the heart rather than the mind.

Transcends Anger & Fear

This program teaches us that we have to be responsive than reactive and makes us alert, aware, and awake. Anger always hurts ourselves and it never help us at all.  If someone tries to create anger upon you, never reply to them immediately but take a gap or space. Let some time pass before you reply back. We also teach that we never suppress or repress anger at all otherwise it explodes and bursts out and harms and affects our decision-making skills. Another part of this course shows how we have to transfer the energy anger into an energy of creativity by dynamic meditation practice.

Work-Life Balance

People are struggling to maintain balance between work and life. This program can help them to raise the productivity level. Work can help us to sustain our life and fulfill the basic necessities but at deeper level, we must enjoy happiness, freedom, and abundant inner balance. This happens by understanding the profound meaning of life to explore and discover who we really are and then we can accomplish purpose driven life. This happens when there is a right alignment and balance between work and life. Use the money for utilities to pay your bills, food etc. but put total time and energy for understanding the deeper meaning of life and then our lives can be blissful and we can expand our life in all directions.

Practice Compassion & Self-Love

This program helps us to create a fragrance of compassion and self-love. Compassion arises when we transcend ego. Compassion is the core of meditation practice. It is the act of forgiving our self and others as well with kindness. We also help them to raise our frequency, vibration, energy in order to dissolve other’s negative emotion within us. This programs also guide us about practical approach to create a self-love in order to raise our energy, frequency, and vibration, and whosoever comes into our magnetic field gets enlightened. Fear, anger etc. happen when we are in lack of self-love. The more you love yourself, the more you love others. Be full of love and everything else flows from you.

Workplace Productivity

This workshop is designed for leaders to inspire, give clear calm directions and be a real leader has been born out of leaders asking for exactly this.  Breathing meditation as an important module in this workshop helps to settle useless thoughts and set the appropriate priorities at work.A workplace is always an environment of high expectations to deliver your best value and also a place which can be highly stressful. People multitask, juggle different assignments and most of all there is no time to meditate where we help them to being relax with breathing meditation. We also help them to let go of unwanted thoughts in order to be focused and aware at workplace.

Dynamic Meditation

This is a specialized designed program to release stuck energy into the Universe. This is most effective tool to release negative emotions as well. We keep on collecting negative emotion energy such as guilt, shame, anger, hate etc. in the form of suppressed and repressed emotion which is decreasing productivity. We help them to go for fast moving activities to release stuck energy. Screaming, dancing, swimming, singing, weeping, crying etc. are the activities to release all kind of negative emotion (toxin) from our body. Have you ever noticed that when you weep or cry, you release the suppressed emotion in the form of droplet of water? Yes, it happens. And after that you feel relax, light, & love because suppressed energy is released out.

Emotional Intelligence

This program teaches you how to connect and manage your all emotions. Through deep conscious breathing inhaling maximum oxygenated air, it creates a pause or a break and allows for deep relaxation to arise. It raises your productivity and transcends negative emotions. Developing your ability to identify your emotions first opens the opportunity to learn to react less and respond more. You can notice that when you are happy and live in a peace, you always do better communication and share your knowledge and finally your productivity go up. On the other hand, when you are not happy and live in anger, hate etc. it decreases your productivity as well.

Self-Confidence & Awareness

Meditation can help us to build up self-confidence. The more we go inside and look within the better we can discover who we really are and it raises our self-confidence. Awareness means living in the moment with deep relaxation and it grows only when you watch, observe, and live with effortless effort. Then a great joy arises out of it and you can see the things as they really are because you are alert, aware, and conscious of it.

Prosperity and Happiness

Everything is limitless, boundless, and endless in nature but we are not connected with it because we focus on lack, scarcity, and poverty. Therefore, we become poor. This program gives you opportunities to attract the thoughts of abundance and richness in order to be prosperous and thrive more. Happiness never originates from outside but it is already inside us. We teach the participants about how to direct the attention inside in order to balance life in terms of spiritualism and materialism.

The Power of Nothingness

This course helps you to create powerful, awesome, and wonderful thoughts with the help of meditation practice in order to create emptiness and hollowness.Most of the people live with hate, jealousy, anger, fear, greed, craving etc. and are so full with it. Allow me to ask you: How can they attract positivity, love, and courage? They cannot, therefore, they have to release it and then they can attract positive emotion by creating a vacuum inside with the help of nothingness practice. Get rid of all clinging, attachment, and desires and then you can find the grace of higher power because you are empty from inside.

Depression & Loneliness

Our programs help you to remain mindful and use cognitive behavior therapy with dynamic meditation practice and group therapy. Meditation plays a very important role to overcome depression and loneliness. We encourage you to have a deep connection with nature and bring a sensation of awareness of the breath at the top of the nostril in order to dissolve all kinds of useless thoughts.Loneliness is darkness and you cannot fight with darkness because it does not exist at all. The more you fight with it the more ego comes out, therefore, you need to bring a candle with light and as soon as you bring light in, you can observe that darkness is no more.

Positive Relationship/ Divorce

This workshop helps us to create positive & productive relationships in our life, increases our sense of purpose and meaning. It fulfills our need to belong in a community and they give us a stronger sense of identity. Without this sense of belonging, we can often feel isolated. This course also helps us to improve communication skills in businesses with the help of positive relationship.Relationship problems such as divorce, separation etc. happen when there is no right alignment of our thought frequency and a lack of trust. They try to ignore each other as well because they are not grateful.

Courses Offered

Mastermind Mindfulness Course

Workplace Mindfulness Course

Course on Self-Love and Compassion

Note- Workplace Mindfulness Course

Mindful Leadership- Workplace Productivity

 (Specially Designed Workplace Mindfulness Course for Business Leaders, Owners, CEOs, Employees etc.)