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Practice Gratitude

14 Jul, 2021

Practice Gratitude

Bliss of Giving Never hold anything back in your life. Everything is energy and money is one of them therefore never hold it back otherwise it creates problems. Use it for right purpose and rotate it for every being. Money is needed to pay utility and maintain basic necessity but do not make it goal and attached with it.

Money can help us to grow and explore and discover the things. Holding means creating resistance within you therefore disease, accident etc. happens in our life and how can you hold the energy back moreover property of energy is neither created nor destroyed in the nature. Just for example, when we die there is something comes out in the form of energy which we call it spirit, soul etc. Is it possible to hold this energy back? No. The more you give the more you grow because it is the law of nature. The same way is happiness the more you share it the more it grows and everything is echo.

Everyone has something to give to others. Even if you have nothing but you can share smile and awesome words to others and make them happy and it gets back to you therefore never hate a person otherwise you get same things in return. Try to give the fragrance of love and compassion because it can heal anybody and you are getting healed yourself as well because we are one. The final goal of meditation practice is to create love and compassion in order to be happy but it grows more when you share it with others because like attracts like and whatever you put out it comes back in your life. If you emit fragrance of love and compassion during meditation practice, you are getting connected with whole existence and become one with birds, human being, plants, trees etc. and everything and then you can communicate with them as well. All kinds of negative emotions happen in our life because we are holding the thoughts of anger, thoughts of fear etc. because we are lacking self -love and compassion. As soon as we bring the fragrance of love, these negative emotions are getting released and finally you can feel blessed and happy. Whatever you give, you need to put total heart in it with deep gratitude without any expectation with right intention and you can see that everything flourish and grow. Even if you are watering the plant, you must have love and deep gratitude in it and put awareness in every step and then watch, what would happen? You are getting love in return.

Do everything with love without any expectation. Give everything without judgment but with awareness. After all, what we give that never belonged to us but it is a part of Universe as well and we are one and it is made for everybody but we live in illusion of separation control by ego and feel detach from higher self. It depends on us how we look at the thing. But people are fighting without any reason in order to accumulate wealth and money and at the same time they are creating misery and pain although they cannot see it but it is already there. People want to become rich by exploiting others but how can they be rich without giving? You can be rich only when you give more and more and the time when you give, it means the Universe is communicating with you indirectly and you are at peace with love and compassion and you get everything in the return without any expectation because you are at right alignment with the Universe. You can contact us at for learning more.