Manifest Abundance with Meditation Practice

Manifest Abundance with Meditation

Manifest Abundance with Meditation

Water is flowing in the river but we are not aware of it. Money is also flowing everywhere but we live with limited belief system and close mind as well therefore we are not able to attract it. The whole existence is ready to support us but we live with ego and mind therefore it takes its back.

In order to attract abundance, we need to vibrate at highest level with right alignment and live with deep gratitude and disconnect from negative emotion such as hate, jealousy etc. Everything is energy and it is neither created nor destroyed in the nature. Money is one of the highest forms of energy. 

Have you ever noticed that we attract negative emotions such as hate, jealousy, etc. when we emit negative thoughts frequency? Yes, it always happens in autopilot. Remember we are magnet and whatever we emit we attract the same things in our life. Therefore, if we emit the frequency of the thoughts of richness in the form of money, health, etc. The same things we attract in our life. But when we move inside with meditation practice, we can manifest it very easily because we are deeply connected with existence and they understand our thought intention. 

We need to create a fragrance of compassion and self-love and stop the judgment and break down the wall of ego and live at the level of oneness and considered we are part of the Universe and everything is energy. The more you live at the level of energy the more you can connect yourself and Universe as well. And then you can create a powerful thought idea to attract abundance because you are directly in tuned with the existence and it manifest from unknown, beyond, and limitless space. Live in the deep relaxation state with flow and surrender to the higher power with deep trust. You are in tuned with existence when you live in the flow and then whole existence move inside you and make it happen because you are in flow. 

Another part is to put that intention in the subconscious mind but never struggle or fight with thoughts. We have to forget it completely and live without expectation because all expectation leads into frustration. We have to live in happy and peaceful mood in order to manifest it.

For example, if you have created an intention to attract million-dollar house etc. you are going to get it because you emit thought frequency from the deepest core of heart and Universe conceive and receive it and finally it conspires us in the same way what we think, act, or live. We need to take physical action in flow without any hard work. Celebrate each moment and squeeze it so that next moment is not left behind and gradually things started manifesting.

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