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Sanjeev Kumar is a Mindfulness Practitioner and Acclaimed Author of “Practicing The Power of Present Moment”. He believes that if you are honest, truthful, and create a huge trust within yourself, then existence takes care of you no matter what happens.

About the Book
“Practicing The Power of Present Moment”

Sanjeev Kumar has shared his journey from nervous breakdown to extreme joy, bliss, and happiness in his highly acclaimed book,

“Practicing The Power of Present Moment”

He invites readers to celebrate each moment.

“Practicing The Power of Present Moment” teaches lessons on living an aware, mindful life filled with joy.

He encourages readers to take relaxed and deep breaths if you are experiencing anxiety, tension, stress, fear etc. Most of the obstacles are created by living in the memory, imagination, projection, and dream. As soon as you bring a sensation of awareness of breath to the top of your nostrils, everything disappears. It does not matter how many times you disconnect with breath but keep coming back on the breath is our practice.

Inspired by his own life experiences, he shares his wisdom to get rid of problems and negative emotions. “There is always positivity or light in our life but we do not observe it because we are stuck with inner noises in the form of ego, but as soon as we live with awareness it is already there,” he explains.

The Core Message from “Practicing The Power of Present Moment”

The whole secret of the life is to understand how existence works. The more you are still and look within, the better you try to know true self in order to reach at the center of being, you can listen to inner guidance and intuition as well. The existence is ready to give you everything but you create too much ego therefore existence takes it back and suffering starts. The entire power of the Universe is within you. You need to just unfold it with deep connection of existence and listen to inner silence, which is possible by living in now with just witnessing of thoughts. Never listen to others but follow your heart remaining in silence because only heart can connect you with existence not the mind.

An Excerpt from “Practicing The Power of Present Moment”

Knowledge is significant when it grows within but not forced upon or working hard. There is nothing to learn. You have to be ready to unlearn! You know too much, and all that you know is false, think of unlearning. That is the beginning of wisdom.

More About Book “Practicing The Power of Present Moment”

Only this moment exists right now here. Most of the people are trying to bring past and future into this moment because they live with mind in the form of flashback, memory, anxiety, projection, dream, imagination etc. but we cannot live into the past, can we laugh in the past? No, we cannot because past is already gone but we can reconnect with past into this moment by living right now. We can laugh only right now here by thinking about the beautiful moments of the past event with family members, friends in the form of memory while watching photograph.

There is only one way to control the past and future and that is by living right now.

His Upcoming Book- The Power of Nothingness

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