Wisdom of a Lotus Flower

The lotus has its roots in the mud and grows through the deep water, and rises up to the surface. It blooms in the sunlight but mud is needed for real growth of the lotus flower just as darkness is important for light, negativity is important for positivity. Real growth of the human being takes place in a negative situation like a lotus flower, when it grows it never touches the mud. This growth is real, divine, and upward. Therefore, if we want to evolve and attain higher bliss we should live with negative and unaware people but never allow them to enter into your own space.

Lotus is sign of purity, peace, and awareness. It has unique way of flowering; whenever flowering takes place it emits special fragrance while opening, which attract millions of people because fragrance comes out of adversity.

True presence of it spread light and bliss all around which radiate fragrance and in that fragrance you can meditate and transcend yourself, so a question comes why cannot other flowers have this kind of fragrance? The answer is very simple that others flowers come out very easily with no struggle with no fragrance. Therefore, it does not matter how many millions of flowers you have but blooming and presence of lotus flower is enough for transformation and awakening.

Nature reveals true essence of lotus flower

Lotus flower has only single stem, which is sign of aloneness and individuality. It means we must be alone with independence and full of freedom then you can only liberate fragrance because you are free to learn, grow, and evolve to infinite possibilities. Basically, you are not alone; the whole existence is ready to take care of you like a lotus flower.