We Are One

We are not different from others. We exist in different forms but our consciousness remains the same. Can we define consciousness, energy, soul, and spirit? No, all are the same but different name according to different beliefs. We breathe the same air as the plant's breath. We have the same red colored blood as others have. How are we different from others? Are we different from nature? No, we absorb the same sunlight, air, and water as others do. Each and every part of the human body is made of nature. If nature does not exist then we can´t exist because we depend on it.

Ego is the barrier on the path of oneness

The ego creates division, boundaries, and separation. It is a false identification of the mind, personal self, and individualization. It destroys the true nature of being and makes us feel that I am Sanjeev and you are John. It separates us from each other. As soon as we transcend the ego, we lose separate identity and become one.

There is no division in the Universe. Everything is limitless, free, boundless, and infinite. There is no north, east, west, and south. It is the mind creation to think that there is east or west. Is there any restriction and limitation in the Universe? No, there is no restriction. We must be totally free with no boundaries, no division, and no dependency. Make your life open, so that you can pass from one end to another end with no barrier.

An Example of oneness

During dancing, a time comes when there is no dancer as the movement of body parts disappears because you are deeply absorbed in the dancing activity. Everything has become one and this is called oneness; it means you forget about yourself – who is the dancer or what is happening during the dance. I, she, or he is also part of the ego, which reflects someone else, but when you become one with everything “I, she, and It” dissolve, therefore "I " am not dancing anymore because” I” represents the ego but when you become one with everything, you are no more John or I am no more Sanjeev. We are one because the " I' dissolved.