Transcend Anger

Anger happens when you overreact to a situation by not living in this moment as soon as you disconnect with a focus on the awareness of breath you end up creating resistance within you in the form of ego. Moreover, we try to hold the thoughts of it and do not let go of it, and finally, anger comes out. It is negative emotional energy as well.

Everything is energy and anger is one of them, therefore, shift your total energy from anger to creativity in the form of dancing, music, photography, reading, singing, painting etc. and a great miracle comes out from within as anger has disappeared and finally an energy transfer takes place. In meditation, you are throwing anger into the Universe to be purified. The Universe is such a vast and great empty space that it can absorb all kinds of energy.

In meditation, we are not related to people but we are directly related to the Universe.

Whenever it happens let it happen and feel, taste, and meditate on it. Go deep down and experience it. You can enjoy it by witnessing, and observation, therefore, become an observer. Try to investigate, scrutinize, and recognize it. From where it comes and how does it happen? And how can it impact our lives and why did it happen and how can we get rid of it? As soon you keep asking deep insight questions and become alerted, awake, and aware of it, it dissolves. It would happen once but from the next time onwards you would be aware of it and think that how it affected our lives before therefore, whenever it happens let it happen with a full intensity and observe it and welcome it into your life. Maybe the first time you are scared but everything would be alright from next time onwards.

Anger, jealousy, envy, greed, lust etc. are a very small problem but the ego magnifies them but you are the watcher and observer. Keep observing whatsoever is taking place in front of you. If traffic is coming and going, just observe as it comes and goes. But you are not the ego, you are only a watcher. Just stand by the side of the road and there is no need to be worried. If they horn and honk with a loud sound, do not get anger on them but observe them without any judgment, avoid to get involved. Just watch, and don’t do anything–for or against it- And finally, anger disappears. Anger was with you many times before, and you have survived well. When anger disappears without any struggle or fight, it is tremendously beautiful.