The Power of Unconditional Love

It is the highest and purest form of love. Unconditional love can only transform our lives because it is powerful and connected with nature. For example, love between father and son, mother and daughter or love between trees and human beings.

There are two kinds of love, one is conditional and another one is unconditional. Conditional love is more connected with the brain and ego. Conditional love is based on conditioning and programming with a give and take relationship that ends up in suffering because it is connected with wants, desires, attachments etc. Another one is unconditional love, which arises from the deepest core of the heart and connects with the heart without any judgment. It is also called divine love, present within everyone but we have to look inside.

Unconditional love can heal any kind of wound because it always grows by sharing with living and non-living things on the planet. It never dissolves but it always multiplies with sharing.

Can you share love with trees, the mountains, rocks, oceans, animals, pets, a garden, and a park? Yes, you can share with them in order to multiply million times more. When you love them all, they also love you in return without any condition but sharing is needed.

Many intellectual people talk about books, scriptures, and they spend their whole life with them because they learn everything with the brain not with the heart and they put a condition on everything. Therefore, they are lost and they are not free to love someone unconditionally.

Only natural love is unconditional because it comes from within and is free from everything.

Jesus used to heal the poor people by touch and loved them unconditionally and it was pure unconditional love. Buddha used to teach and preach people in different villages without any personal benefit, which was unconditional love. Whatever he had experienced in enlightenment; he wanted to share with the people for a deep transformation.

What happens when you are young, you are more inclined towards conditional love because you are not fully mature and experienced. As soon as you start growing older your experience becomes sharper and richer with the right decision-making skills. You begin to understand the things clearly as they really are.

  • The final purpose of meditation is to release unconditional love.