The Power Of Nothingness

Right meaning of nothingness is hollowness, emptiness, and voidness. The final purpose of meditation is to create nothingness as a result of thoughtless awareness. As you watch, slowly mind becomes empty of all thoughts and there is a emptiness created inside you. You can get connected with the Universe and become alert, aware, and conscious ends up into producing high vibration energy and a vacuum formation takes place in which old energy moves out and fresh energy moves in.

Nothingness is the door to unfolding hidden potential. Every human being has tremendous potential but they cannot discover it because they are full of thoughts of desires, ego, wants, attachment etc. These things fill you up with many thoughts, which separate them from reality. Reality is present at the center of being in a great empty space where there is a true self, but we are surrounded by thoughts of hatred, jealousy, anger, fear etc. that never let you move inside because it is an obstacle on your path.

The sunshine, water, and shadow are empty in nature but it has the greatest power to heal everything. Therefore, we need to empty our mind to create immense power within but we live by our mind to label and judge the thoughts. We can say to them, it is good or bad thoughts therefore we waste total time and energy in judgment because we have collected too many useless thoughts. We cannot know the real power because it covers up the real thought potential but as soon as we empty our mind, we can know about it.

Time, space, and ego are dissolved at the center of being when you can move beyond thoughts, words, and actions. There is a small particle, which is present at the center of being which carries the power of creation. You can observe that energy of particle and flame of consciousness only through emptiness because it is such a small particle to which you cannot observe with too many thoughts. Empty all of your thoughts and be formless, shapeless like water. An empty mind does not take care of anything whether it is good or bad because it is always non-judgmental and non-reactive. It is a wordlessness space within us in order to reach at the higher self because empty is always full!!

Nothingness is the fertile womb for creativity, innovation, art, music, and all forms of new creations and inventions.