The Power Of Meditation

Meditation is the act of thoughtless awareness as a result of witnessing and observation of thoughts without judgment or labeling whether they are positive or negative, good or bad. Judgment of your thoughts leads to conditioning and identification and finally we can move into past or future.

Mind is too busy and occupied in the beginning but as soon as we bring the sensation of awareness of breath at the top of nostril we become thoughtless but breath must be natural and relaxed once we calm our mind gradually. This sensation is the object of meditation. It does not matter how many times we disconnect with breath but keep coming back on the breath is our practice.

Whatever you do with awareness is also called meditation. If you clean your houses with awareness or work in an office or prepare food with awareness, it is meditation practice as well. Walk meditatively, eat meditatively, swim meditatively, laugh meditatively the more you meditate, the more you can feel that ego is going to die because ego represent “I”, personality, individuality, identification etc.

There is a difference between concentration and meditation. Concentration is to focus on a single object and brings total energy into this moment. We can judge our thoughts whether it is good or bad so gradually we are conditioning our mind but meditation means dropping all barriers and deconditioning our mind with just observation and witnessing of our thoughts. Concentration means too much effort and force with the programmed mind ends up living in the past and future, leads to suffering but meditation means effortless effort and relaxation into this moment with inner joy and peace.

Scientific meaning of Meditation

Meditation is an act of total surrender and deep relaxation state. When you take a sip of tea, you are already there and enjoy with taste and flavor of tea because you put awareness in each and every step for preparation of tea and it can heal your body but on the other hand, if you prepare tea with living in the past and future may be you can drop the utensil or you can burn your finger and definitely it is not a taste of awareness, moreover it brings pain and suffering because you put the moments of past and future in it which do not exist here.

Meditation is realignment with source energy. It breaks us free from conditioning and programming of our mind and help us to come out of limiting belief system. We suffer because we try to hold the thoughts of past and future but as soon as we start doing meditation, we release them into the Universe and it liberates us to the point of self- realization. Meditation help us to become a child again.

When you play with music, how beautifully you are playing with guitar, and completely merge with the existence; you are tuned with the whole existence. Whatsoever activity, when you do it with joy and fun that is meditation as well.