The Power of Breath

Breath is a life force energy, which exists only at this moment. Breathing is the process by which we can connect to the existence. This is the ultimate bliss we have. Live on the bank of ocean, nature, mountain, and sit relaxed, and take fresh oxygenated air in order to dissolve negativity, fear, and darkness because it deprograms and deconditions our mind. Therefore, a morning walk is needed to inhale fresh oxygenated air. It converts unproductive, useless, and unwanted thoughts into powerful, useful, and productive thoughts.

Life and death are just an expression of the same energy and when we are born, we have breath and when we die, we lose breath, therefore, breath is a precious gift for our life. It connects us to life and death. If we are aware of breath it means we are living in this moment but as soon as we disconnect with it, we have already moved into a different dimension, maybe in the past or future.

Meditation is simply feeling the sensation of the breath. I can challenge that those who suffer from depression, anxiety disorder etc. they can get rid of all such kinds of diseases by awareness of the breath for at least 6 months daily. You can feel bliss and inner joy. Breath has transformed millions of lives and many great teachers received enlightenment through it.

We must look at the things as they are, but how can we look at the things as they are if you are under control of the ego? It is only possible when you decondition your mind and live with awareness. Only then, you can observe the life as life or death as death because you have already transcended the ego and start to look at the thing as they really are.