"Inspiring and Rejuvenating"- "Life transforming workshop. It has connected to my mind, body, and soul."

Jonathan, Professor (Canada)
"The course on “The Power of Present Moment” has helped me to explore and realize full potential. "

John Milton, Doctor (America)
"I used to attend his discourse on “Mindfulness Training”. I have learnt many facts about mindfulness. It enhanced my wisdom."

Tom Jay, Director (Canada)
"Sanjeev ignited my mind with passion. It was amazing and mind blowing. It made a great difference in my life. "

D. Smith, Teacher (America)
"I had been suffering from anxiety and depression for the last few years. Sanjeev taught me about meditation and deep connection with nature, which has really helped me to get rid of it. "

Jay Nicholson, Professor (Germany)
"I had much anger and fear in my life. As soon as I have attended his discourse on emotional wellness, I got transformed and transcended fear and anger. "

Marina Cathy, University Student (Canada)
"I used to live in past and future, which has created many problems in my life. Few days back, I have attended his workshop. I learnt many ways to live into this moment. "

Brenda Macdonald, Scientist (Australia)
"I am a director of school. I had tremendous ego. I never used to interact with students properly. As soon as I start attending his discourses about “How to Transcend ego”. My life got transformed. "

George Mathew, Accountant (America)
"Thank you for giving me valuable insight and wisdom. I feel inspired and motivated. He is man of wisdom with deep understanding. "

Lawrence, Doctor (America)
"I am proud of Sanjeev, who shared his wisdom and knowledge. His teaching was outstanding and profound. This has helped me not only professionally but personally as well. I request people to attend his presentation."

Michelle, Ex director of food industry (Canada)
"His online teaching raised level of my consciousness and awakened subconscious mind potential. I will recommend this seminar to all educationists in America."

Pam, Teacher (America)
"I never knew about the power of breath and creation. I used to waste my energy and time for purposeless activity. As soon as I have attended his workshops on “Mindfulness Meditation ”. My life got changed and learnt how to conserve and preserve energy for creativity."

Chris, Neurosurgeon (Canada)
"I love his presentation. It has great value for everyone and wish I had attended before!! "

Margret, Real state agent (Canada)
"It was thought provoking discourse on “The power of nothingness”. I really enjoyed with him. I would like to recommend others to attend his workshop."

Andrea Wilson, Researcher (Canada)
"Sanjeev is gifted with nature. I thanks to the universe, which connected me with him. His words are divine and bliss. He helped me to recognize the real meaning of life."

D. Tracy, Nurse (Canada)