Practicing The Power of Present Moment

Only this moment exists right now here. Most of the people are trying to bring past and future into this moment because they live with the mind in the form of flashbacks, memory, anxiety, projection, dream, imagination etc. but we cannot live into the past, can we laugh in the past? No, we cannot because the past is already gone but we can reconnect with the past in this moment by living right now. We can laugh only right now here by thinking about the beautiful moments of the past event with family members, friends in the form of memory while watching photograph.

Being present is the starting point of your life

Every human being has a tremendous amount of power to do anything in his or her life but they do not know where their power is. They start thinking about others by missing this moment. This moment is called divine moment because it takes control of past and future. This moment helps you to get rid of all kinds of negative emotions and problems. It discovers our true human potential.

There is only one way to control the past and future and that is by living right now

Don't move into the past because it is a memory, flashback, and everything is already disappeared. Don't move into the future because that is only imagination, projection, and a dream, which has not happened so far. Therefore, just remain here right now and all useless thoughts will disappear because all thoughts are either of the past or future. The present is pure, clean, and open to the Universe where life is eternal and full of joy. This eternal moment gets rid of all tension, anxiety, and worry. When you are in a state of no thought -- there is no past, no future, there is only the present.

It is the moment of discovery

Most of the great discoveries happen into this moment. Newton discovered gravitational force by noticing the falling of an apple from the tree. There must have been millions of people before Newton, who had seen the falling of an apple from a tree, but none of them were aware and noticed it, but he just noticed, witnessed, and discovered it.

Another meaning of living in this moment is to live with awareness. Whatever activity you do, when you do it with awareness it brings joy. For example, when you prepare food with awareness, you can take rice and clean it with water before you put it in a rice cooker. It means you are already there with awareness of movement of fingers while cleaning rice and another activity, you have to do is to put the water into rice cooker and finally it gets prepared, you can eat with sound taste of it because it is a food of awareness and moreover you were fully present in every moment of each activity for the preparation of food.