Mindfulness is The Way of Life

Mindfulness is the ability to observe the things as they really are without any prejudice or judgment. It also observes the deep and true nature of all phenomenon whatsoever is taking place at this moment. It is just witnessing, watchfulness, and observation of thoughts. It observes the things deeply, down below the level of concepts, and opinions. This sort of deep observation leads to a complete absence of confusion, the real nature of things.

Mindfulness enhances Performance and Productivity

What happens when a doctor does an operation? He is already there mindfully that is okay but as soon as he moves into the past or future, he is not able to focus on the operation because past memory or thinking about the future is interfering into this moment which can lead to an unsuccessful operation.

Mindfulness reduces stress and enhances mental well-being. It dissolves negative emotion like jealousy, hatred, anger etc. in order to develop a better relationship with mutual respect, high self- esteem, and love between coworkers and management which leads to higher productivity in the organization.

It improves memory, attention, and reduces mind wandering and distraction in order to focus and stay on work. While working, if we feel stress then we need to bring the sensation of awareness of breath at the top of nostril for few second which can help us to prioritize our work and manage our time effectively. It brings deeper state of relaxation and calms our mind, which creates productive ideas that help in creativity and innovation.

I remember when I was in school, teachers used to teach us in a class but my performance was always worst, because I was not focused and mindful. I used to think about playing football or watching fun movies by living in the past or future during study hours, end up in bad performance. On the other hand, some of my friends stood better position than me because they were present in the moment while studying.

Whatever you do, just be there with awareness, you can learn mindfulness very easily without any knowledge by just observation with every activity of daily living.

Mindfulness aware the deepest truth of existence: Mindfulness is method of investigation, self-discovery, and deep understanding. Mindfulness applies to all aspects of life whatsoever is going on whether we are working in a office or enjoying with meal. No worry or dreams, no regret--just experiencing the present moment awareness.