Loneliness is Darkness and Aloneness is Bliss

Loneliness is separation from source energy and absence of something in your life, which can lead to depression but aloneness, is a deep connection with the existence that leads to prosperity, and happiness. 

You can live together but still, you are alone. There is no force or bond between two. You are happy and she is happy too without conditioning. You can have freedom to do whatsoever you like; a bird can fly in the sky because she is alone. The sun is alone, the moon is alone therefore it carries the greatest power to heal everything.

To avoid loneliness, we create all kinds of relationships, friendships but it is for the time being and there is little bit comfort but it cannot transform you. People are so much involved in relationships that there was no time left. 

Be creative, and the more creative you are, the more rejoicing and then you can discover or explore because you are happy and connected with source energy and powerful thoughts come from Universe. When we live together, we are ready to share love and freedom unconditionally. This love becomes one of the most beautiful meditations -- in which two soul melt, merge, and become one.

Loneliness is darkness and you cannot fight with darkness because it does not exist at all and the more you fight with it the more ego comes out, therefore, you need to bring a candle with light and as soon as you bring light in, you can observe that darkness is no more. The darkness is an illusion, which is created by you in the form loneliness once you separated from source energy, and simply darkness is the absence of light. You have to work for the light because it is existential.

Aloneness means completeness and wholeness. As soon you reach the center of innermost being, you can find aloneness which is the beauty of life but you are full and complete and overflowing with all the juices of life, with all the beauties and benedictions of existence and when you tasted this aloneness, all pain disappear. This aloneness is so beautiful that a flower can bloom and spread fragrance and you can enlighten yourself. Only in this aloneness, you can share your joy and you simply give and you don’t even expect gratitude because you are not giving to get anything. You are giving because you are so full and complete with abundance. You do not need anybody, friends, relatives but your presence is sufficient because it is beyond words, actions, and thoughts. You have to create your own space within to dissolve loneliness.

Meditation is total freedom, aloneness, full of joy and an overflowing energy of compassion, love, kindness and you can feel it within yourself and then you can share it with others. Buddha was alone, Jesus was alone, whosoever got enlightened, when you read about them, they remained alone throughout their lives but on the other hand, they were not alone because the whole Universe was working for them. My message is very simple that when you remain alone, there is awareness of the whole Universe within and in that aloneness, everything is possible and it is possible when you are in a deep connection with nature.

The whole existence is ready to give you everything but you create a wall of ego, which separates you from existence, and you are working through the mind and you are not alone anymore. When you are alone, you can grow, because there is enough space to grow and bliss arises because no other is there. The ego exists only in a relationship or with others.

I want to be alone on my path but I need to create my own space so that no one can touch my aloneness and it happens when you can go to the deeper state of silence, which is beyond words, and nothing wrong can ever happen. Whatever happens is going to enhance the beauty of your life and this aloneness gives you purity, freshness, love etc. and you are getting in tune with existence and this aloneness will bring a blissfulness and you can grow full potential.