Live with Prosperity

The Universe contains plenty of resources, possibilities, and opportunities but we are not able to connect with it because we live in the thoughts of past and future may be in the form of thoughts of anger, anxiety, worries, dreams, ambitions etc. which causes us to miss this beautiful moment. This moment is called divine moment because it exists here in the now. The more we can connect with this moment the more we can attract abundance. We must focus our attention and energy on the thoughts of richness, abundance, and prosperity than the thoughts of scarcity and poverty. Whatsoever you put out, that you attract and comes back to you, which is called the law of attraction, or thoughts are things.

Existence is ready to bring abundance into our life but we live with too much ego and a closed belief system, therefore, it takes it back. In order to attract abundance, we must transcend our ego and break limited belief system by living into this moment and a deep connection to nature.

In order to live with happiness, we must have gratitude for what we have in this moment, and then we can attract more abundance because we try to focus our attention and energy on what we have than what we do not have. Nature is always in abundance and when you ask for one flower, they can give you millions of it. Nature is full of mountains, water, ponds, lakes etc. but we need to connect with them that’s all.

The right meaning of prosperity is to balance our life in terms of financial abundance, spiritual abundance, emotional abundance, health, freedom, loving, forgiveness, compassion, and kindness. If we miss any of them, our life is getting affected because all of these are interlinked and interdependent as well.