Let go and Surrender

Never expect anything from anyone because all expectation leads into frustration. Expectation means desire and desire means attachment with ego which is never fulfilled. Problems arise when they keep on expecting more and more, ultimately they lose everything whatever they had before and when you expect nothing, you can get everything.

It always happens in your life because everything works is based on what we think guided by the law of attraction in the Universe, not only that people are forcing you to expect something, which is worst because force always create resistance but when you are relax and totally relax you can get everything in your life without any expectation and it is only possible when you let go of everything and remain with the Universe into this moment with awareness.

Deep trust to the innermost being and listen to inner voice without effort with no more struggles by surrender to deep within and you can let go of worry, tension, anxiety, future, and finally let go of everything in order to get rid of all thoughts of past and future. Don't try to fight with nature but relax and flow with nature and allow nature to possess you totally. It is just like millions of flowers open up every day without forcing the buds. Don't be impatient, and in a hurry everything happens at its right time, wait. You have done everything that you can do. Be relaxed and in that relaxing the truth happens.

We must let the things happen on their own accord and the Universe flows through us. Do not force anything because force creates resistance.

Truth always descends. Listen to the sound of rain, the sound of wind, and enjoy with it in such a way that every moment you disappear and you are not, the moment you find you are not, light enters in you and empty of all thoughts because it was too full with many thoughts and there was no space left over for the great light to descend in you but when you let go of everything, not even a single trace left behind. In that moment, you are just a pure awareness, truth arrives.